Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

I just realized I hadn't updated my weight loss since January. Jeez, I've become such a slacker when it comes to this blog - For those who read it - so sorry =(

About 6 weeks ago, I was reading my Weight Watcher's magazine and I came across an article about learning to jog. It provided an 8-week cycle that you follow in order to train you to jog 20 minutes straight. My neigbours, Gayle and Deb had recently started jogging together and had asked me to join - they do 5km, which scared the hell out of me, so I declined...instead I dusted off our treadmill and started on this program. You start off walking 2 minutes, jogging 1 minute and repeat 4 times....and week by week you slowly add more jogging time and decrease the walking time. I started at week 4 - 4 minutes jogging 2 minutes walking...I felt that the earlier weeks were too easy...this was a good place for me to start. And oh my god, I soon became obsessed with my treadmill - I was jogging every day, even skipping the "walking" days outlined on my program to jog instead. And this new exercise certainly paid off. My first week I lost 3lbs.

On March 26th, we took the kids to support DH's brother in The Around the Bay Race - a 30km race circling the Hamilton Bay. I can't even imagine running 30km. Holy smokes. Seeing Dennis run this race was so inspiring. He was amazing. He ran the race in 2hrs13minutes - He rocked it. After we got home that afternoon, I thought I would just see how long I could actually run...and I did 20 minutes. I was SO proud of myself. Seeing people of all shapes and sizes run and finish an amazing race was so inspiring for me - I am going to keep training and hopefully be able to run the 5km CIBC Run for The Cure...I've done it once before, but this time I hope to run it...not walk.

So, I'm thrilled to say that my hard work on the treadmill has been paying off the past few weeks. Last week I lost 2.6, today I lost 1.2 - with a grand total of 28.8lbs. 11lbs to go to my WW goal...and 17 to go to MY goal of 140!!!! I am so motivated and so determined.

But you know what's funny - I know I've lost almost 30lbs but still when I look at myself I don't really see that much difference - it's silly, I know - but I've always been hard on myself and critical of my body - so tonight, HoneyPie and I were looking at old photo albums on facebook and I came across a picture of my mom and I. And I cringed! I could finally see a difference.


So, yes it has taken me 1y8m to lose 28lbs - but I did it...and I'm going to lose more. I sure hope that by my 2yr anniversary at WW (August 2010) I will be a lifetime member. Having lost enough weight to get me to goal and to be able to maintain it for 6 weeks...I can do it!!!!!