Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wild Rose Herbal Detox - Day One

10:00 am
So - today is the big day...getting started on the detox with DH this morning.
I'll be brave and let everyone know my starting weight - I'm interested to see how many pounds I lose doing this.
Starting weight: 161.7
(Now if you'll remember, I'd made it down to 155 last July - and slowly the weight has been creeping back up...I had gained 11lbs back, but have lost a few on my own again in the last few weeks)

I'll admit, this morning, I was feeling a bit anxious about it - I stood at the counter and and looked at the list of foods and really didn't know what to eat for breakfast. Gave it some thought and decided on....

Breakfast 8am
1/2c oatmeal (regular oatmeal, not the instant sweet oatmeal that I would normally eat),
1/2 a peach
A few strawberries.

But before I began eating, I had to take the Biliherb, Laxaherb, Cleansaherb, and 30 drops of the CL Herbal Extract (which I mixed with water to help wash down the pills). They smell really weird, so I had a hard time taking them...and the drops taste awful, it wasn't overly enjoyable.

It's 10:15 now and I'm feeling OK. No tummy issues yet, perhaps the start of a head ache and a bit tired...but what else is new?

So far, still feeling OK. Definitely have a head ache and am feeling more tired. They say the first few days are the worst, but I can't imagine it working this quickly. DH thought maybe the head ache is from the lack of caffeine (I had been on quite a Diet Coke kick lately). DH and I may be ready to kill each other after the first week of this - I've read that irritability and moodiness is quite the side effect.
So for:
Lunch 11:45am
1c brown rice (wow, it's pretty good, will be changing from white minute rice to brown for sure)
1/2 c Mixed vegetables (frozen carrots, peas, beans and corn)
1 apple
dipped in Almond Butter

Still feeling alright, I head has a constant dull ache, nothing too painful, but still very annoying. I was very tired around 2:00 but unable to lay down for a while...struggled through.
Dinner 6:00pm
Lemon Pepper Chicken (taken from the Wild Rose Herbal Detox cookbook - didn't buy it, but was able to find some recipes online)
3/4c brown rice
DH and I struggled through the pills and drops once more - he is finding it very difficult to drink the Herbal Extract - it tastes and smells pretty nasty, even when mixed with water. I found it "a bit" easier to take it all this time, but it still a little icky. We are feeling confident that we can finish the 12 days and really hope to see some positive results.

On a side note:
I weighed in tonight and was down 2.7lbs -Which puts me down 25lbs again (Remember, I was down 31...BOO!)
I missed last week as I was at the NKOTBSB concert with my Mom and Meggy. (It was a blast, felt like I was a teenager again) I <3 Donnie ;)

Well, so far the first day has been a success. Saw this picture and had to include adorable.

DH and I have both stuck to the meal plan and are feeling OK. We'll see what tomorrow brings after being on the program for a full day.
Back tomorrow with a play by play about day 2 ;)


  1. I think I will give it a try. Going to buy it tomorrow. Want the baby to have a healthy dad in December. This will be a good kick start. I know the two of you can get through the 12 days. I think it will be a huge pay off for the two of you at the end.

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