Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Sweetest Thing

 Ev: " are the best mom I've ever had."
Me: "Ah, bud, that's sweet"
Ev: "I know you are the ONLY Mom I've ever had..."
Me: "Do you think another Mom would be better?"
Ev: "No, Mom...cause you're perfect!"

My eyes filled with tears - as every mom, at one point, feels that they are failing.   Not living up to the many labels that characterize us Moms (soccer Mom, dance Mom, hockey Mom, crafty Mom, PTA Mom, Working Mom, SAHM, Mom) This came at the perfect time - to remind me that I am doing a good job at raising our children.

I am their "perfect" mom.  My kids are blessed to have me as their Mom...even when things don't feel
perfect.  When I feel tired and and don't feel like a good Mom...When I'd rather be at home or at work...When I feel like I'm spinning around in circles and just going through the motions..."You see the beauty is to remember that they call you Mom....and that label is priceless"

Thank you to "Finding Joy" for the extra reminders that Being Mom is Enough
Quotes taken from Finding Joy blog, "The Perfect Mom"