Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Dictionary.com defines the word "sensitive" as:
1. Capable of perceiving with a sense or senses. (√)
2. Responsive to external conditions or stimulation. (√)
3. Susceptible to the attitudes, feelings, or circumstances of others. (√)
4. Quick to take offense; touchy. (√)
5. Easily irritated: sensitive skin. (√)
6. Readily altered by the action of an agent: film that is sensitive to light.
7. Registering very slight differences or changes of condition. Used of an instrument.
8. Fluctuating or tending to fluctuate, as in price: sensitive stocks.
9. Of or relating to classified information: sensitive defense data; holds a sensitive position in the State Department.

Well, I've got the first 5 down. I wish as a 32 year old woman that I would stop being so sensitive. I take things seriously...I take things the wrong way...I get upset over things that are said...or a lot of times, not said. Today has been one of those days...and I've done a bit of reading up on how to stop being over-sensitive.

E-How.com says:
1) Learn how to take comments less seriously. Generally overly sensitive people get hurt easily when they feel someone said something to them in a 'wrong way'. Most of the time, whatever is said is not really rude or critical or even directly towards you, the person could be having a bad day, or their words are taken out of context.

2) Raise your level of confidence. Having confidence does not happen overnight as it take take time, maturity and practice to be sure of oneself. If someone makes a comment about you and you are either, ready to burst into tears or feel incredibly sad, respond back with a simple comment and do not overanalyze it. Think that it is not anything personal against you and take it in stride.

3) Stop with the 'I care so much about what everyone thinks of me' attitude. For starters, a caring attitude is a great quality and definitely needed in this world, but putting everyone else opinion of you above your own create problems. You have to build self-value in yourself and do not let a person's words ruin your whole day. Look at it this way, their words flies out their mouth, so at the end, they probably would not remember what they said. So if they do not care, why should you?

4)Change your thoughts and you will receive positive feedback. Reflections of own selves tend to bounce back on others so if you are super sensitive about everything in life, there will be people who will seem 'critical' of you. Improve your thoughts about yourself first and you will amaze that anyone's word will not stick like glue.

5)Embrace your sensitivity. There is nothing wrong with being sensitive, it shows you have concern for others but learn how to balance your sensitivity and have a thicker skin. Remember, every human who once lived on this Earth and those living in it presently has experienced a few folks that was not pleasant with their words, or had the tendency to say things without regards for other people feelings. While you cannot change these people way of thinking, take control of your own feelings and the way you express it. Also these types you should stay a distance from to keep negative energy away from you.

So, I'm going to try and work on these things...I'm tired of being the sensitive one. Though, at times, it can be a good thing (like #5 says above)...the majority of times, it's just a bummer.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Birthday Rules:

Stay Cute. Wish Big. Never Let Anybody Count Your Candles!

Today is my 32nd birthday! It feels quite good to be a woman in her 30’s. I think that something happens when you reach 30 and the more into this self-assured decade I get, the more clear I become on what I am after in my world, and perhaps even more importantly, what is no longer worth putting energy into.

I found this quote a while ago, that really rang true to me..."There comes a time in life when you have to let go of all the pointless drama & the people who create it & surround yourself with people who make you laugh so hard you forget the bad and focus solely on the good. After all, life is too short to be anything but happy"

On that note - I had a wonderful birthday weekend "surrounded with people who make me laugh so hard (("La-who-ness..WHO?")) - my wonderful friends and family made this birthday weekend super special.

Friday night, I hosted a Stella & Dot Trunk show. It was so much fun - 17 ladies came over and were able to try on Stella & Dot's beautiful jewellery...and enjoy some snacks and drinks. I had such a great time with some truly awesome ladies....and my children, who were so wired by the activity that they partied til 11 with us.

Saturday was filled with family activities - dance classes for HoneyPie, a 1st birthday party for my adorable cousin "N", some shopping...and a surprise sleepover for my kiddies at my in-laws. We dropped them off at about 530, quickly grabbed a bite to eat, snuggled up on the couch and caught up on some of our PVR'ed shows - Later we went over to our neighbours (K & D's) and had a hilarious night (we sure missed you, G & P) We drank way too much, ate too many salty snacks, played Rummoli (which I'd never played before...but LOVED, you were right, MOM...it's sooo fun!) and laughed til the wee hours of the morning...

DH and I were so excited to sleep in...even if it was only til 930 - it was far better than 6:30/7. We chilled for a while and then did some shopping - some new Christmas decorations from Pier 1...a new scrapbooking desk for me...I am so excited! DH surprised me with a Cricut Expression for my birthday and I CANNOT wait to start scrappin' again! It's been ages and I have so much to do! We picked up the kids around 4 and headed to our friends (D & K) for dinner. Was a fun night, even though I think I experienced my first mild migraine while on the way there...it was so awful!

And so....we come to my actual birthday! 32! OH MY! Overall, it was a pretty awesome day - my kids and the daycare kids were pretty well behaved today, maybe knowing to let me have one stress free day (LOL) After the kids left, DH, HoneyPie, Buddaroo and I met my parents, my sister and her boyfriend, my in-laws, my brother-in-law and his girlfriend and DH's grandpa for dinner at East Side Mario's. Definitely not a fancy restaurant but one of my favourites...had a great dinner and then headed back here for some yummy cupcakes made by my sister.
Boy, were those cupcakes delish! I'm not really sure if I even got to make a wish - the kids were so fast to help blow out the candles. They were so excited to help.

And as I leave this post, which has turned into a short novel...I leave you with this:

Each birthday is a new beginning, full of promise and opportunity and the chance to make dreams come true.

Monday, November 1, 2010


It's been about 10+ years since I've dressed up for a Hallowe'en party...DH and I went to a rockin party on Saturday night as:

And here are our little trick-or-treaters...Woody and Rapunzel

Was a fantastic Hallowe'en weekend.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good Friends Are Like Stars....

You don't always see them, but you always know they're there.

They are there at a moment's notice. They know that they can be brutally honest with me and I will love them just the same. They are my support, my strength, my sisters, my sanity. They are my BFFs.

My husband is my best friend in the world, but there is something girlfriends can give you that even your husband can't.

In our many years as friends, we have shared in some of the happiest days of our lives, celebrated births, mourned the death of friends and family. We have shopped our asses off and spent way too much money. We have told many secrets and laughed until we peed.

These women are better than therapy. I couldn't live without them!

No, I won't loan them out. They are mine. But if you don't have your own BFFs, you need to find some!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

If This Doesn't Make You Teary....

Tonight, while DH was looking at digg.com, he came across a real feel-good story linked to www.asylum.com:

Ike Ditzenberger is a 17-year-old high school student with Down syndrome and a player on Snohomish Panthers football team in Seattle.

Ditzenberger made the news recently with what his teammates call "The Ike Special," an touchdown run designed especially for him.

The Vikings were up 35–0 with seconds to go, when the Panthers quarterback made the hand-off to Ditzenberger. The Vikings sluggishly allowed the Panthers' offensive line to shove them aside, as Ditzenberger sprinted 51 yards to the end zone.

The score now 35-6 as time expired, Ditzenberger performed a touchdown dance with his adoring teammates. Check below for the newly released video of the whole thing, including the tear-jerking screams of excitement from the crowd as soon as they realize what's happening.

One last bit from this story, in case you aren't already bawling (in a manly way, of course). Ike's mother, Kay Ditzenberger, told the media that she couldn't have been prouder of the other players: "They redefined worth. Players often are defined by their scores on the board, but they showed he was worth their effort and time." by: Brian Fairbanks www.asylum.com

As we watched, I sat there and cried. I have a very special place in my heart for children with special needs/disabilities. This story really warmed my heart. There ARE some really great kids out there...I don't even really know what to say...the story was just so sweet...just....amazing!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

8 Years Ago Today

T: I love you for your thoughtfulness ~ Your understanding way ~ And for the countless little things you do for me each day ~ I love you for the hopes and dreams You've helped to make come true ~ But most of all I love you, just for being you! Happy Anniversary to the love of my life!!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

One Happy Girl

My awesome DH bought me an iPhone4 - Wow, what a huge surprise. Was so excited and have been playing on it all weekend. And now...I am no longer envious. Thank you, hun for the wonderful surprise.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Time Lulu Shopper Is Now Addicted

Christmas 2006 - my brother-in-law, Dennis and his then girlfriend (now wife), Cassandra, gave me a gift card for Lululemon. I was always intrigued by the store as they had both made some pretty great purchases from there. So, I decided I would put the card away as I was still trying to lose the last of my HoneyPie-weight....and then I got pregnant with Buddaroo, and have been working at the weight loss since then....so the gift card was safely tucked away..and was finally used last Thursday. I thought - enough is enough, it is silly to save it for any longer...so...

I had a shopping and dinner date with some great friends and off we headed to Lululemon. I must admit, when I first walked in, I was a little overwhelmed - so much selection, so many different and vibrant colours.

I had no idea where to start. I knew I wanted to get a pair of pants - but man, there are so many choices. I tried on a whole whack of them...Astro...Still...and the ones I decided on ~ Groove. I loved the way they looked and had heard about how great Lulu pants make your bum look ;) (no complaints in that department from DH) I got them hemmed and couldn't wait to pick them 5 days later. They are so incredibly comfortable - I LOVE THEM!

Next - I looked at tank tops. Wow, did they ever have a massive selection. The colours were amazing - so many different choices. I wanted something light and airy for when I am on the treadmill. So I grabbed a Cool Racerback Tank in a beautiful green...and loved it. It was light and super comfy (and perfect for hot yoga, I tried it out on Monday and it was GREAT!)

So, I figured I was just about done - I had tried on a couple little jackets/hoodies and wasn't sold on any of them. I liked them, but didn't love them...My friend Deb, suggested I try on this Sevasna Wrap OMG! I loved it. I thought it looked so cute and trendy with a pair of jeans. I was SOLD! It's comfortable and adorable! I tried it on last night with my Groove Pants and didn't love the look as much - with jeans, I think it looks much better.

So, I walked in with a $75 gift card and walked out with $288 worth of clothes....and a new love for comfy, colourful athletic wear....and guess where I'm going again tonight? My friend and I are heading back to grab a couple more tanks...and who knows...maybe another pair of pants to please my butt-loving husband - I'm sure he won't mind ;)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Envy is best defined as an emotion that occurs when a person lacks another's (perceived) superior quality, achievement, or possession and either desires it or wishes that the other lacked it.

When I was pregnant with HoneyPie, DH surprised me with a Graco Quatro Travel System from Toys R Us. At the time, I LOVED it - I was so excited to bring home my baby in the cozy infant car seat and push the stroller around the neighbourhood. Even once HoneyPie was born, I "thought" it was the perfect travel system for us. And then I began to see other strollers...and developed STROLLER ENVY!
Peg Peregos - - Buggaboos - - Quinnys

Everyone had nicer strollers than I did - everyone pushing a baby looked better than I did...man, I was envious. It was ridiculous though, our stroller was great for us, even Buddaroo got good use out of it. That silly envy!

But now...my envy has moved on from strollers....to....CELL PHONES!

In 2006, DH surprised me with a new phone for Christmas. Samsung A640. I was super excited about it as it was cute and the pay-as-you-go rate was perfect for me. So cheap for how little I used it. But now...with all of these exciting new phones that do just about everything...I am growing tired of my boring little flip phone. I was sitting with my neighbours on Friday night, everyone playing with their phones, so I took mine out to show them just how boring mine was...man, was I teased! Just about everyone has one of these fun new phones.
iPhones - - Blackberrys - - Smart Phones in general


It's about time for me to get something fun. Something I can check e-mail on, something I can access Facebook on, something that has better texting options. I'm the green eyed monster when it comes to cell phones.

My dear sister-in-law has this quote on her facebook page:
So often we look at others, wanting what they have - not realizing that someone is wishing they had what you have.

I am pretty much guaranteeing that someone out there does not wish for my Samsung A640...but I sure as hell want your iPhone!!!!!

Cheers =D

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Night with the Ladies...and One Smokin Hot Cowboy

Last night, my Mom, my Mother-in-Law and my great friend, Kelly boarded the Go Train and headed into Toronto...we had a date with a super hot cowboy...Tim McGraw! Kelly, Mom and I have seen Tim perform once before - when he was here with Faith Hill in June 2007 - we were so excited to see his Southern Voice tour.

When we got there, they weren't letting anyone in to The Molson Amphitheatre so we had a bite to eat at the Voodoo Garden in Ontario Place where we found out why they weren't admitting concert-goers yet...Tim McGraw was hosting a private performace right next to our patio - we could hear him singing and talking to the guests...and then saw him scoot away on a golf car (I was surprised by his attire...jeans and a striped polo shirt...Tim McGraw wears striped polo shirts? I didn't expect that)

We came in during the opening act Love And Theft - I had never heard of them, but they were pretty good. I didn't get any pictures of them, but you can kind of see them on stage behind Kelly and I. At this time, we were just excited to have box seats with our own waitress - and excited to spend such a fun evening together.

Next up, Lady Antebellum - I really like them and was excited to see them perform live. They were fantastic...and so easy to look at - Charles Kelley is pretty hot himself. It was fun to see one of my favourite songs, Need You Now, sung live. At one point, Tim McGraw and his crew came out on stage during their set in their underwear and started exercising on stage - Charles Kelly said " I think we've been punked" - it was pretty funny.

And now for our main squeeze, Tim McGraw. Man, he was fantastic...he put on an amazing show. He sung many of his older hits as well as a lot of new songs from his Southern Voice CD - he sure didn't disappoint his fans. We had such an amazing time - it was so great to get out my my Mama's and best gal - we laughed a ton and really enjoyed our time together. So glad you all could join me =D And the funny line from the night, walking towards the bridge that takes us back to the Ex, a lady says to us "Tonight everyone's husband is Tim McGraw" LOL And I replied "At least I won't have any issues when I scream out his name" Maybe too much to say in front of my Mom and DH's Mom - but man, it was hilarious!

An amazing night with some amazing ladies...and one SMOKIN HOT cowboy!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nothing Better Than A Week By The Lake

Yesterday we got home from our yearly vacation to Shady Nook Cottages in Sundridge, Ontario. We had THE BEST week...the sun was shining, the lake was warm, the company was great, there was an abundance of smiles & laughter, my family was happy - it was a fantastic week.

We have been going to Shady Nook since 1986. My Dad's boss, Carl owned it at that time...back when Jenn and I were kids, the 6 cottages on the resort were filled with families with children. We always went the same week(s) in the summer, so we were always with the same people every year. Some of the same families are still going - it's so great that I can share this wonderful place with my children, but wish there were more kids for them to play with. But, with them being 1 year older, the kids had a great time playing together on the beach. I still had my eagle-eyes on at all times, but was actually able to sit and relax a bit this year and actually read 2 books this week. (Salem Falls by Jodie Picoult and Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin - both great books, btw)

The kids had such a great time - lots of playing on the beach and in the lake. We were so proud of HoneyPie and Buddaroo, they loved being in the lake, much more confident than last year. HoneyPie's favourite thing we did at the cottage was visiting the Craft Cabin run by the owners daughter - once a week she hosts a craft time for the kids - they both painted really cute canvas bags - they were so proud of their creations.

We can't wait til we go back next year. Now to start the unpacking and massive amount of dirty laundry...so I leave you with a few pictures.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Off to the Beach

Wow - it's been well over a month since my last post - wow, so much has gone on in the last little while, I've completely neglected my blog. Sadly, there is no time to fill everyone in on the first half of our summer - as tomorrow we are heading to the cottage for a week. So much organizing, packing, etc. to do before tomorrow. I am off to relax on the beach - and boy do I need a holiday!

also - In case you are wondering, weight-loss-wise, I had a few little gains over the last month, but have been doing pretty well the last couple weeks...got back to 30lbs lost - and this week was down almost another pound and made it to 31.2 lbs lost. 9lbs til I can claim "goal weight"...maybe 15 for my own personal goal, we'll see how I feel when I get to 146.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hard Work Pays Off!

Last week I had a sweet loss of 2lbs which FINALLY put me into the 30lbs lost category. (30.2 to be exact) I didn't want to blog about it as I wasn't sure if I would gain a bit this last week. So -after being sick this weekend and eating a lot of comfort food, I lost 0.4lbs. A little loss, but I'll take it. So...I have officially lost 30 POUNDS!!!! 9.6lbs to go til I get to goal. I'm excited and motivated!!!!

There have been many times that I've wanted to quit - when I felt I hadn't been doing well - a few weeks of gains whether big or small always made me feel like I should just give up...when going to meetings by myself made me feel like such a loser - I hated sitting there by myself. But I kept telling myself me sticking with it and not giving up makes me a winner...not a loser! Although I am losing, mmmm....guess I'm not sure which I am. hee hee But I must say...I am so happy to have my sister back on her weight loss journey with me, she just started back last night - it'll be nice to celebrate our successes together.

Recently I came across this poem online - for all of you who want to quit, I know I've been there...and am so glad I didn't...

Don't Quit
When you've eaten too much and you can't write it down,
And you feel like the biggest failure in town.
When you want to give up just because you gave in,
and forget all about being healthy and thin.
So What! You went over your points a bit,
It's your next move that counts...So don't you quit!
It's a moment of truth, it's an attitude change.
It's learning the skills to get back in your range.
It's telling yourself, "You've done great up till now.
You can take on this challenge and beat it somehow."
It's part of your journey toward reaching your goal.
You're still gonna make it, just stay in control.
To stumble and fall is not a disgrace,
if you summon the will to get back in the race.
But, often the struggler's, when loosing their grip,
Just throw in the towel and continue to slip.
And learn too late when the damage is done,
that the race wasn't over...they still could have won.
Lifestyle change can be awkward and slow,
but facing each challenge will help you grow.
Success is failure turned inside out,
the silver tint in a cloud of doubt.
When you're pushing to the brink, just refuse to submit,
If you bite it, you write it....But don't you quit!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Oh my god! I feel terrible! Do I look terrible? That is me...taken about 5 minutes ago...I don't know what is wrong with me, but I feel like I've been hit by a truck. It all started yesterday when I woke up with horrible lower back pain...it truly felt like when I was in labour with HoneyPie, I had some wicked back labour with her, and this is exactly what it felt like. DH told me to lay down for a bit in bed and put a warm bag on my back...there I stayed for 1.5hrs....and there I returned later in the afternoon for another 2 hours. After dinner, came a fever of 101.5 ICK! I was chilled, yet sweaty...it was terrible. I got the kids to bed at 845 and hit the sack myself. I should've taken today as a sick day, but thought I'd be better today...boy was I wrong. I spent some of the day in tears or lying on the couch...luckily DH was home to help out (he has since left for 2 nights on business, of course, always the way, isn't it?) So...here I sit...feeling sorry for myself as my children watch yet another cartoon. I'm still achy and fevered...covered in a blanket WITH my hoodie UP! LOL HoneyPie looked at me and said "WHAT are you doing?" I have taken tomorrow off and plan to rest while HoneyPie is at school - hopefully Buddaroo cooperates. (Crossing your fingers while typing is difficult hee hee) It's 7:10 and I can't wait til bed time. I may just be going down WITH the kids again tonight. C'mon 8:00.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday - May

After a couple weeks of gaining, I have finally gotten myself back on track. Last week I lost 1.2, and this week, 2.2 - and I must thank a special competition 2 of neighbours and I started. We all need to lose a little bit of weight - so we decided to create a friendly competition, the person who loses the most in 4weeks gets treated to a movie. So - the game was on. I worked out almost every day, on the treadmill, outside walking. The 3 of us have been walking 5km 1-2x a week. And it's been awesome - and it has really helped on the scales. I am now down 29lbs =D

I weighed myself this morning and was 156.8 - when I got pregnant with HoneyPie in November of 2004, I was 155. I haven't been this low since the end of 2004. I was so excited!

I am going to try hard to get to their goal of 146 by my 2nd anniversary with WW - perhaps even lifetime. That gives me 3 months to lose 11lbs. Wish me luck, I hope I can do it....maybe I can even get to MY goal of 140.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Too Sexy Too Soon? - Updated

Well, Miley Cyrus is in the news again....and this time it is because her new video "Can't be Tamed" is being labeled as "too saucy for her tween audience".
In it, the 17-year-old pop sensation transforms into what she calls an "Aves Cyrus" - - a rare species of sexy dancing pop star bird that can't be caged. The video features a very grown-up looking Cyrus complete with tight costumes, smoky eyes and racy dance moves. The darker, sexier video shows the teen star writhing around a cage in a feathered corset singing lyrics such as “I go through guys like money flyin' out their hands” and “Have to get my way, 24 hours a day, ‘cause I’m hot like that.”

Miley Cyrus' days of an innocent Disney star are over...perhaps this video is a way to distance herself from the Hannah Montana persona

What do you think? Too sexy for a 17 year old?

So - it looks as if she really "can't be tamed" - - Check out this video:

Miley -- who was 16 at the time -- was dancing with 44-year-old Adam Shankman during a wrap party last summer in Georgia for the movie, "The Last Song." Shankman, who is openly gay, produced the movie as well.
The people who shot the video say they were offended by the dirty dancing -- which included a graphic lap dance.

YIKES is all I can say!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

3 Gals + Grove City Outlets = Way Too Much $ Spent

This past weekend, I spent a wonderful weekend with my mom and sister. We left on Friday and headed for Erie, Pennsylvania. I must tell you, my little Buddaroo was so sick with a stomach flu, leaving my little man was so difficult, but knew he was in good hands and it turns out, that night he made a turn and had a pretty good weekend with DH and HoneyPie...Anyway - back to my mini-vacay.
Armed with a load of American cash, we crossed the border and prepared ourselves for a crapload of shopping. We made really great time, probably because my sister is the fastest driver I have ever seen ;) I held tightly onto the door handle for most of our trip (I kid, I kid). Our first stop was Millcreek Mall in Erie - located on Peach St, it was right down the street from our hotel. I wasn't super impressed with the mall, I had heard good things about it - but I think with the economy, a lot of stores were closed down - especially in the food court - this was the most disappointing since we were starving for lunch when we arrived. I said to myself that I was really going to "try" to be good this weekend with my eating. Eating out is always hard when you're trying to lose weight - so for lunch that day, and at Grove City I chose Subway - was super yummy...and good for my points.
So we did some wandering - didn't buy too much there - Got DH 2 Affliction t-shirts and me...a super cute zester. A lot of my new recipes call for zest of lemon or zest of orange - and I never add it - but NOW, I have a zester...and it's cute! We hit a bunch of box stores, like Target, Best Buy, Payless, Kohls etc. Got some cute stuff - a pair of Chuck Taylor All Star's, a few really cute shirts.
From there, we went and checked into our hotel - Country Inns and Suites. Was nice - an older hotel, but with a huge room, pool, hot tub and free breakfast. We were a bit tired and laid around for a tiny bit before heading to dinner at Applebee's.
We ordered some yummy drinks. Mom, a Skinny Margarita, Jenn a Blue Coconut Margarita and myself, a Pomegranite Margarita that came IN a shaker...that could have filled my glass 3 times. OY! We ordered a great appetizer platter to share - so yum...and I had the Orange Chicken Bowl (the same one I raved about last year at this same time...although this time, it wasn't as tasty). After dinner we did a bit more exploring and then turned into the hotel - an hour of TV and then hit the hay...we knew the next day was going to be a busy one.

Up bright and early and headed down for breakfast - for free! Mapquest directions said Grove City was about 1hr7m away...but I'm sure we made it there in 40mins. We were pumped and ready to spend, spend, spend. I got so much spring/summer stuff for the kids - and a few things for me - my #1 on my wish list was COACH! I added to my collection a small burnt orange purse and a light coloured wallet. Can now count my Coach purse collection on 2 hands =D Whoo hoo! LOL

We did the outlets in about 4.5 hours - tired we hit the road back to Erie and did a bit more shopping once there. Dinner at Ponderosa, and then some stops along the way. Man, when we got back to the hotel we were exhausted. We tried to stay up for a movie...but lights out by 10:30.

It was so nice to spend a weekend away with my mom and sister. My sis and I spend girl time together more often, so it was really great to spend some personal time with my Mom. We had such a fun time, the 3 of us - the laughs...OMG! My Mom kills me some times. We are already looking forward to our trip next year - not sure where - but a weekend away for sure.

And I leave you with a photo of the goods...And be certain I DID NOT go over the $400 limit for items brought back to Canada (Ha, I kid, I kid! LOL)

Also - may as well fill you in on last night's weigh in...So with a week of no exercise due to Buddaroo's illness taking up all of my time, and indulging on some really tasty and super fattening dinners...I sadly gained 3.2 this week (BUT, I also may have screwed myself by weighing in last week first thing in the morning instead of in the evening). So - this week, I vow to get my exercise back on track, keep on the WW program and hopefully lose what I gained this past week. Cross your fingers for me =D

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

I just realized I hadn't updated my weight loss since January. Jeez, I've become such a slacker when it comes to this blog - For those who read it - so sorry =(

About 6 weeks ago, I was reading my Weight Watcher's magazine and I came across an article about learning to jog. It provided an 8-week cycle that you follow in order to train you to jog 20 minutes straight. My neigbours, Gayle and Deb had recently started jogging together and had asked me to join - they do 5km, which scared the hell out of me, so I declined...instead I dusted off our treadmill and started on this program. You start off walking 2 minutes, jogging 1 minute and repeat 4 times....and week by week you slowly add more jogging time and decrease the walking time. I started at week 4 - 4 minutes jogging 2 minutes walking...I felt that the earlier weeks were too easy...this was a good place for me to start. And oh my god, I soon became obsessed with my treadmill - I was jogging every day, even skipping the "walking" days outlined on my program to jog instead. And this new exercise certainly paid off. My first week I lost 3lbs.

On March 26th, we took the kids to support DH's brother in The Around the Bay Race - a 30km race circling the Hamilton Bay. I can't even imagine running 30km. Holy smokes. Seeing Dennis run this race was so inspiring. He was amazing. He ran the race in 2hrs13minutes - He rocked it. After we got home that afternoon, I thought I would just see how long I could actually run...and I did 20 minutes. I was SO proud of myself. Seeing people of all shapes and sizes run and finish an amazing race was so inspiring for me - I am going to keep training and hopefully be able to run the 5km CIBC Run for The Cure...I've done it once before, but this time I hope to run it...not walk.

So, I'm thrilled to say that my hard work on the treadmill has been paying off the past few weeks. Last week I lost 2.6, today I lost 1.2 - with a grand total of 28.8lbs. 11lbs to go to my WW goal...and 17 to go to MY goal of 140!!!! I am so motivated and so determined.

But you know what's funny - I know I've lost almost 30lbs but still when I look at myself I don't really see that much difference - it's silly, I know - but I've always been hard on myself and critical of my body - so tonight, HoneyPie and I were looking at old photo albums on facebook and I came across a picture of my mom and I. And I cringed! I could finally see a difference.


So, yes it has taken me 1y8m to lose 28lbs - but I did it...and I'm going to lose more. I sure hope that by my 2yr anniversary at WW (August 2010) I will be a lifetime member. Having lost enough weight to get me to goal and to be able to maintain it for 6 weeks...I can do it!!!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

WW: Orange -Crumbed Baked Chicken

So, I haven't been doing that great with my WW lately. The beginning of this year, I was doing pretty well. I had lost 7.2lbs from January 1st - February 1st...and sadly from February 1st - now, I think I've gained it all back. UGH! It's my own damn fault, though - I've been snacking more - falling into old habits...and then there was Buddaroo's birthday - I made too much cake and had almost a whole pan left over...well DH and I dove into that pretty quickly. I was so upset with myself. So - weigh in is tomorrow night...and starting Thursday I AM getting back on track.

One thing I am going to do to help out on my journey is to try some new recipes. DH bought me a couple WW cook books for Christmas. I've tried a couple...but tonight's turned out great. Here is the recipe for:
Orange-Crumbed Baked Chicken

*Be sure to use whole-wheat crackers for the coating - they add to the nutrition in this flavourful dish. If you prefer, substitute lemon juice and zest for the orange.
Makes 4 servings:
2 tbsp orange juice
2 tbsp Dijon mustard
1/4 tsp salt
3/4c whole-wheat cracker crumbs
1 tbsp grated orange zest
1 shallot, finely chopped I did not have shallots on hand, so I looked online and a suitable substitute is green onion with garlic powder
1/4 tsp freshly ground pepper
4 (3oz) skinless boneless chicken thighs
1. Preheat the oven to 350F, spray a nonstick baking sheet with nonstick cooking spray
2. In small bowl, combine the orange juice, mustard and salt. On a sheet of wax paper, combine the cracker crumbs, orange zest, shallot and pepper. Brush the chicken on both sides with mustard mixture, then dredge in the crumbs, firmly pressing the crumbs to coat both sides. Place the chicken on the baking sheet. Bake 15 minutes; turn over and bake until cooked through, 15-20 minutes longer.
Per serving: (1 thigh) 179 Cal, 4g Fat, 1g Sat Fat, 1g Trans Fat, 59mg Chol, 518mg Sod, 20g Total Carb, 3g Fibre, 16g Protein, 18mg Calc.
POINTS value: 3

Filling extra: Enjoy the chicken even more by serving with a bowl of steamed mixed baby vegetables, such as carrots, pattypan squash, and zucchini.

Of course mine didn't look as wonderful as the one in the cookbook, but it was so good. DH, Buddaroo and I loved it - HoneyPie doesn't seem to like much these days - she ended up eating it all, but dinner time is always a fight with her. So here is one WW recipe that I would highly recommend. If I find more I like, I'll be sure to post them =D

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Here Come the Terrible 2's!!!!

"Today our little Buddaroo is turning 2!"

Two years ago today, our little Buddarroo was born - it still feels like it was yesterday. I can't believe that two years have passed. You have accomplished so much this year.

Buddarroo - You started walking just after your 1st birthday and have learned so many new words. You are chatting up a storm and love to talk to on the phone. You love to play with your sister and think she is so funny. 2 weeks ago, you started sleeping in your big toddler bed...no more crib for you (although it is just the crib, turned into a toddler bed...you still love it) You are feisty and give us a run for our money, you have had your share of time outs - but, you are the most loveable little boy I have ever met. You give hugs to everyone and love to say goodbye to the daycare parents, jsut as they're own children do - hugs and kisses for everyone. You are cuddly and love playing with Mommy's hair, as much as that drives me crazy. You make me laugh every day - you are growing up to be quite the little ham. I can't wait to see all you accomplish in the next year - Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!

You are Mommy and Daddy's best boy - you and your sister are the reason the sun shines.
We are so very blessed to have you in our lives.
Happy 2nd Birthday to our wonderful little boy.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


That is our new 2010 WW slogan. "2010 is the year for me!" This is the year that we will get healthy, this is the year that we will get to goal. And I am going to do it! It's been a long time since I've written about my weight loss. And to be honest, the last few months, I have been stuck at a plateau. I had lost that 25 in September or so, and since then have been up and down - and then with Christmas in there, too - there were definitely a couple PLUS weeks.
At the beginning of January, one of the other members had said "this coming year, I'm going to treat it like I'm a new member - start fresh, follow the program like I should" and I thought, "Me, too!"

So this year, I have been tracking everything - choosing healthier meals - still haven't gotten my exercising back on track, but its a start. I definitely think my extra-curricular activities have been helping. Bowling every other Monday, Intermediate volleyball every Tuesday. At least it's something!

And...3 weeks in a row, I have lost 1.4 pounds - putting me at 25.6lbs lost. I was so happy. I've lost more this past 3 weeks (4.2lbs), than I have in 3 months. I am determined to get to goal this time - to stop paying every week would be great, but to finally, after 3 tries to become a "lifetime member" would be amazing!!!!

I spoke to one of the leaders there and she said "you're doing great, you'll be at goal in no time" I really wasn't sure what I wanted my goal to be - they have my goal weight as per my height anywhere between 111 - 146lbs. So, she said shoot for the 146lbs - follow the 6wk maintenance program and become lifetime...and then if you decide you want to lose more, no problem. So, that means I only have 14.2lbs to go until my first goal! I'm so excited...and now extra motivated.

Of course, to be healthy is my main priority - but to feel comfortable in a bathing suit and to be able to rock a pair of shorts this summer would be awesome, too.
So, as I said before - 2010 is the year for me! And I promise I'll keep my weight loss posts more up to date.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Here Comes the Heater!

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I have the BEST neighbours. The "new-girl" =D , had been nominated to organize a few fun events over these icky winter months to keep us motivated until our spring/summer/fall festivities begin. She stepped up to the plate and organized a team to enter into a local volleyball league. We are the Court Jesters (special thanks to Brad, for coming up with an awesome team name), intermediate volleyball team. EEEK! Intermediate? What was I in for?

The first game was this past Tuesday night. Our team arrived early to get some practice time in...and to scope out the competition. And boy - were they fierce. Our game was at 7:45 against "Da Ballz" This team was hardcore - a little intimidating.

The first thing they said to us "We're going to be running Libero, hope that's OK?" Libero? What the flip is libero? Alright, I was officially scared LOL (for those who don't know - a libero is the backrow defense specialist, they are allowed to sub for any backrow player when the ball isn't in play without previous permission from the refs. they wear a different color jersey). Well those Libero-running-jerks kicked our butts 4 games in a row. We all agreed that they were a little too hard core - more on a competitive level. They were beating us huge, yet still spiked the crap out of us - with one of our team mates taking one HARD off the shoulder. We weren't too impressed.

But nonetheless, we had a great time - with some drinks after...having fun was most important! And we sure did! But, we're still hoping we don't get our asses handed to us so brutally next week. =D It was so much fun - I'm glad I changed my mind and joined.

And you know what the best part of playing was:
When DH said to me the next morning, knowing how nervous I was about playing - "I'm so proud of you for playing, you did great!" He really is my biggest fan - supportive and encouraging even when I suck =D


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Look Out PWBA!!!!

I joined a fun bowling league in September of 2008 with DH, our parents joined too after hearing how much fun DH had the year before (I didn't join prior as I was pregnant with Buddaroo). It's so much fun. We bowl with a friend we went to middle/high school with and his wife...and there are a few other people we know from school, softball, etc. We have an absolute blast.

I am in no way a great bowler. The first year we bought our own shoes, this year we bought our own balls - and boy, have they made a difference for me. My average has only gone from 104 to 117 but sometimes I unexpectedly score in the 130s, or 140s.

This past Monday, my scores were 109, 139...and then in the 9th frame of the 3rd game I got a strike....and then in the 10th frame, I got another strike...and then with my 2nd ball...I got another STRIKE! OH MY GOD!!! I screamed so loudly - I think the entire building heard my accomplishment. My very first turkey! I was so excited. My 3rd ball was a 8 or 9, I think. I ended up with 170. WOW!

Was a great night of bowling =D

Friday, January 15, 2010

32 years ago today, my wonderful DH was born.

Happy Birthday to my amazing husband, my best friend and my biggest fan.

I am so lucky to have you!

For you see, each day I love you more
Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Best news I've heard all year =D

I was searching some of my parenting websites and while browsing on momlogic.com, I came across this interesting post:

"Could fat thighs make you live longer.

A new study by researchers at the University of Oxford and Churchill Hospital in the United Kingdom suggests this might be so.

People with fat in their thighs and backsides may live longer because the fat traps harmful fatty particles and actively secretes a helpful compound. The study even calls this fat "protective" against diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions associated with obesity.

"Fat around the hips and thighs is good for you but around the tummy is bad," said Dr. Konstantinos Manolopoulos, one of the researchers.

A big bottom is much better than carrying fat around the waist, which tends to release more harmful fatty acids into the body, the research shows.

Understanding all this could lead to better drugs for treating obesity and related diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, say researchers.


Friday, January 8, 2010

Does Santa want to date me????

For Christmas, DH bought me a beautiful heart pendant with a diamond and a sapphire with a silver chain...it is just what I wanted. He put into my stocking with all of the rest of my goodies and boy, was I surprised to see a jewellery box among the rest of the typical stocking items.


When HoneyPie saw me open it, she said "Wow, Santa gave you a beautiful necklace!!!"

Last week, she came to me when I was wearing my new bling and said:
HoneyPie: "Mommy, I don't understand"
Mommy: "What don't you understand, honey?"
HoneyPie: "Why did Santa give you that beautiful necklace?"
Mommy: "I don't know, maybe Santa knew I like necklaces like this and wanted to surprise me"
HoneyPie: "No. I think Santa wants you to become the new Mrs. Claus"
Mommy: (laughing) "Wow, do you really think so...how awesome would that be? I could live at the North Pole with the elves - that would be so much fun"
HoneyPie: (with a very sad face) "No No, Mommy - if you live at the North Pole then you couldn't be my Mommy anymore"

Perhaps, the funniest and sweetest conversation I've had with her. Now I ask you -