Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas, Everyone!!!!
This year, we had a wonderful holiday - despite Buddaroo having strep throat and croup on Christmas Eve. We spent the holidays surrounded by family and friends, the best way to celebrate.
Christmas Eve, we hosted 2 family parties - the afternoon was spent with my mom's side of the family - this is our annual cousin picture. (HoneyPie, Jenn, Buddaroo, Jason, Abby, Aimee, Me - in front, Taylor)


In the evening, we hosted DH's family. Was a busy day, with SO much food - but was a great day.
Christmas Day was wonderful - Santa came and brought the kids so many awesome new toys - they were spoiled by Santa, Mommy & Daddy and the rest of the family. We had brunch with DH's family and dinner with mine - by the end of the day we were stuffed and exhausted. Buddaroo did not get an afternoon nap, so he fell asleep in the car, and barely woke up 'til morning. =D


Was a wonderful holiday - spent with all of the people I love the most.

Christmas is the one time of year when you can count on smiling faces and bright lights and awesome gifts and giant twinkling trees and family reunions and childish games and believing in Santa...Christmas is the time when dreams come true.

Monday, December 7, 2009

He Sleeps!!!!

A couple nights after I returned from my vacation, DH and I had had enough of Budderoo waking up SO early and wanting us to take him to bed with us - so we let him cry it out. It only took 1/2 hr of him crying and then he was asleep - so I said "Can we handle 1/2hr of crying through the night"

And so it began...the CIO phase of our sleep training. The first few nights were ROUGH! Budderoo would wake up and scream cry for close to an hour - I would go to his door and say "night night, buddy" and close the door to his crying. He eventually fell back asleep. And...
a week or so later...


He is sleeping through the night, from about 8:15pm - 6:30 when he hears DH in the shower. I am so proud of him - and wonder "why didn't I do this sooner"?

Monday, November 23, 2009

A Break for Mama

Wow, it's been a while since I have last blogged. I have been so busy with the kids and work - I have neglected my blog. =(
This past week, I was able to spend a week on the beach with my sister, Jennie.


On November 13, my sister and I boarded a plane for a week in sunny and hot Punta Cana. It was quite hard for me to leave DH and the kids but felt I really needed a break - a little time for ME! We stayed at the RIU Bambu. The resort was very nice, the beach AMAZING! The best I have ever seen (on any of our Caribbean vacations, anyway)


We spent the whole week, lounging on the beach or by the pool, reading (I finished 3 books in 3 days), drinking (so many lovely fruity drinks!!!) and resting.


I had a great time away - it was nice to spend some time for me. Sleeping in a bed by myself, sleeping until I wanted, and just getting some much needed rest. I felt guilty for spending a week away from my family {{spending time on me, made me feel selfish}} But I'm so glad I did it - I feel refreshed and "recharged" and although I missed my hubby and kids SO much - absence makes the heart grow fonder. Being away for a week made me appreciate my family so much more - even though I didn't think I could love and appreciate them more than I already did.

By the 20th, I was so ready to get home and scoop up my kids and hug them for hours! We arrived home on the 21st at 4am. I walked into the house and found this:

It made me teary - I wanted everyone to wake up so I could hug them. DH heard me come home, and eventually HoneyPie heard us talking and woke up too - I held her so tightly and we snuggled in the spare room until morning. When Budderoo saw me when he woke up, he screamed and yelled "MAMA!" It was just awesome.
Their reactions to my being home made me being away so much better! It was the most wonderful feeling to see them after a week away.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's About Time!

I love the magazine Glamour...and last month, many of you may have seen it, a photo of Lizzie Miller, a plus-sized model (said to be a size 12) was shown on page 194...a 3"x3" photo that has left the fashion world gabbing...and thankfully most reactions have been positive.

I remember first seeing this photo, and I said to DH, "Look at her, how awesome...and see, she even has a belly like mine" A little loose and hangy...mine from carrying 2 large babies and delivering them by c-sections. What a beautiful photo - of a beautiful woman.

After readers came across this photo, Glamour was hit with thousands of e-mails "They were filled with such joy–joy at seeing a woman’s body with all the curves and quirks and rolls found in nature. (Raising a question: With all the six-packs out there, do you even know what a normal belly looks like anymore–other than the one you see in the mirror?)"

And really, how many of us have been that girl? I know I have, flipping through magazines trying to find just one person who looked a little bit like me. And when I don't find it I start to think there’s something wrong with the way that I look. For decades, magazines have featured models who are sizes 0 or 2...which in turn makes the average young girl / woman look at their own bodies with disgust, hatred and be as beautiful as the models shown in fashion magazines.

When I picked up the new issue of Glamour last night I was so happy...inside was something that I have never seen in a magazine before. After all of the positive reaction of Lizzie's picture, Glamour has been making the effort to push the boundaries of accepted beauty norms this month with a photo shoot featuring all plus-sized the nude!!!!!

It's about time we see women who look more like the average woman, And Glamour has vowed to push forward by sending this message to young women especially those who are reading their magazine :
There are a million different ways to be beautiful. You don't have to be born pin thin. Whether you're voluptuous or lean, however you're made is the right way for you.

The simplest way to change the outlook on body confidence is to judge one another, and ourselves, less. Let’s start that change right now.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

CIO = Tired Parents


I'm not sure how long I have been catering to Budderoo's bad sleep habits. He has never been a good sleeper - As a newborn, he was up often to he got older, he would wake through the night just for a cuddle...and now as a toddler, he wakes through the night to come and sleep with me. And it's my own fault!

Like I said, I don't know when this first started, it's been a while - one night, so long ago, I was just so tired from being up with him what felt like a million times through the night, I decided to bring him in with me in the spare bed - and the rest is history. He goes to bed pretty well...and then around 1230, he wakes up and cries screams until I bring him in with me. Once he is in the bed with me, he sleeps great!

I have tried a few times to let him cry it out (CIO) and see if he'll fall back asleep on his own - but this in turn wakes HoneyPie, making for a very tired and grumpy girl on days she has school. I just can't leave him to cry for long - it breaks my heart...and would rather all of us get some sleep.

Last night, Budderoo woke up around 12:20 and I headed to get him...DH said "STOP! I'll deal with him, don't get him - let's let him CIO" I headed back to bed, and DH tried to get him back to sleep for a long time. Budderoo is stubborn...he cried for a good 45 minutes. You just think he's asleep, goes a bit quiet...and then back to screaming again. So, about 1:10, DH brought him in with him. Perhaps if we keep trying this, the duration of his crying will decrease, and he will eventually fall back asleep on his own.

I wish I never had gotten into the habit, but having 4-5 kids in my home throughout the day, being an exhausted parent/caregiver just isn't an option....and it's not just me, who was exhausted...DH was tired at work, HoneyPie was tired throughout the day. We all just needed a good night's sleep, and if bringing him with me helped us to obtain that - even if it was the worst choice!

One good thing about letting him CIO last night - - we finally know that he can, in fact, say "mama" - which he refuses to do when asked - he was crying and calling my name. Made me feel good - he's been calling both DH and I "daddeeeee" for a while. LOL

Thanks, T for helping out last night - you are the best!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

She Doesn't Need Me Anymore!

Last night, we went to a movie night at HoneyPie's school. It was so much fun - sleeping bags and pillows huddled on the gym floor watching Monsters Vs. Aliens. It was such a great atmosphere - we had a super fun time.

About half way through the movie, HoneyPie announced that she had to go the bathroom. So - we headed out and I asked her to show me where the bathroom was - she led me half way around the school to the "big girl bathroom" - I was so proud that she was able to show me where it was, after only a few days at school...but then...

She heads into the stall and says - "I'm a big girl, Mommy - I'll go in and you stay out here" and proceeds to go in and lock the door. OMG! This is a big step.

I don't like this growing up idea!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday

Since it is the last day of September...and it's a Wednesday...and because it's been months since I've updated my weight loss posts...I figured I'd close out the month with a weight loss thread.

Sadly, since my last post - where I excitedly hit 20lbs - I haven't really done that well. Over the summer, I indulged a lot and didn't lose too much. I finally hit 25 pounds lost and was thrilled...but then I was up and down, up and after a slight "up" tonight, I am only at 23lbs lost.

My leader tells us that we shouldn't say "I've ONLY lost _____" It is a big accomplishment to have lost anything.I have been so angry at myself for cheating, but then still have been - not tracking, cheating and not exercising as much as I should.

A few weeks ago, I started an hour power walking class with my SIL, Cassandra. The first week kicked my ass. Oh my God, I couldn't walk for a couple days...and trying to get up and down the stairs was just ridiculous. It is a great class that incorporates power walking with strength exercises all while carrying 2 or 3lbs hand weights. Although this is more exercising than I have been doing - it's not enough....

So I am vowing to.

* move more...exercise more during the week
* track every day...every bite I take WILL be written down in my journal
* stop being so hard on myself...I have a lot of difficulty being angry at other people, but it is SO easy to be angry at myself. Any weight loss is a good thing - even if it is ONLY a few least it's something
* stop using the word ONLY...and be proud of myself for any loss.

I will try and update again every week - and hopefully, next week I will have a good loss to report.
Also - a big congrats to my WW buddy, Christine who lost 3lbs this week. WAY TO GO, GIRL!

Monday, September 28, 2009


With HoneyPie starting JK this past week, I have been anxious about how she is doing. I drop her off in the morning and she is so excited to get there I have to call her back for a hug and a kiss, and when I got and pick her up, she is happy and excited to see Budderoo and I. But I wonder, what is she like during the day...I would love to be a fly on the wall to watch her in action.

I spoke to her teacher this afternoon just to see how she is doing. The teacher said that "she is doing amazing", "she is a very bright girl, you have taught her well", "the only thing is, she doesn't like to sit on her bum at carpet time, she sits on her knees making it hard for the kids behind her to see". Ahhh! If that is the only thing, I am thrilled. I was so happy to hear that she is doing well...we walked home hand in hand and I told her the wonderful things her teacher said about her.
We were both so proud of HER!

Monday, September 21, 2009

So Long Summer

Why does summer always go so quickly? The older we get, the faster time seems to be going.

We had a wonderful summer - some fun day trips, our HoneyPie's 4th birthday, a great week at the cottage despite the weather.

DH left on July 2nd for Sweden. His best friend, Sean, was getting married there. Sean moved there a while back to play pro volleyball...and there he met Hanna. DH was the best man - and was so excited to be able to stand up beside Sean at his wedding, but also to be able to tour Europe. Flying in to London, a day there with his cousin Brenda, and then on to Copenhagen where he met Sean and his future brother-in-law...then on to Sweden. He had a great time - we missed him terribly. I always have a hard time if he is travelling in a different time zone - but the time difference was huge. We'd call him after nap and he was getting ready for bed. 11 days was so long - we were so excited to see him at the airport! The kids reaction was priceless, I wish I would've gotten it on film.

When I was pregnant with Budderoo, I joined the March 2008 birth club on - there I met a wonderful group of ladies, all over Canada, who were all due in March. We soon became online friends, chatting daily about our pregnancies, our births, our newborns and now our active toddlers. This July, we arranged a picnic for all of the moms in our area. Although only 5 of us could make was so much fun to finally meet in person the wonderful ladies that I've shared my stories with the past 2 years. I hope we can do it again next summer.

On July 16th, we lost our dear friend, Sharon - our wonderful neighbour, who fought so hard for 2 years, lost her battle with cancer. Although we only knew her and her family for 1 year, we knew how amazing she was - the mother of 3 awesome children, a wife, a sister, a daughter...a friend. She is missed by so many - we were extremely saddened by her passing, but comforted by the thought that she is no longer suffering. We miss her everyday.

As I mentioned in my previous post, HoneyPie turned "4"! WOW!

We spent a week at the cottage that my family has rented since 1988. Shady Nook cottages in Sundridge, Ontario. I LOVE it there - as a child, I looked forward to our week away - my cottage friends, the lake - and now spending a week there with my own family as well as my parents and sister is great. Making fun memories with my kids on the same beach I spent so many days and nights playing on. The week we were there, sadly wasn't the greatest weather wise - but we had a great time anyway. On one gloomy day, we took the kids to Santa's Village in Bracebridge - so much fun!!!!
Fun on the tire swing

Santa's Village - riding the train

We spent a great day at the CNE the last weekend of summer. The kids had a great time - so did DH - he has discovered that he loves him a good air show. DH and HoneyPie had a ball playing this bowling game - seriously, can anyone ever win at this game?

We had tons of fun - the closing of the CNE always means the end of summer doesn't it?

So sadly, I say goodbye to:
* flip flops * sandals * tank tops * splash pads * sprinkler fun
* hot sunny days * sunny evenings * the beach

Hate to see summer go....but

Friday, September 18, 2009

Look out she comes!

I cannot believe my little girl is starting kindergarten.
September 15, 2009

Today is her first full day - this week she has had 2 visiting days (1hr and a 2.5hour)...but today is THE DAY. 9:00 - 3:05...with lunch at school. HoneyPie has been home with me since she was born, with doing home daycare she has been exposed to other kids, but really hasn't had much experience with childcare/school outside of the home.
During the summer I signed her up for a program that was for children who hadn't been to daycare before - she did great. She loved being at school.

So, this morning, DH, Budderoo and my daycare children, walked her over to her first full day - she was pumped. She wanted to leave the moment she woke up. We took some photos outside and were ready to leave...uh oh, it was only 8:35. We were so excited to get there.

DH and HoneyPie before heading to school

Once at the gate, a little early, HoneyPie entered the kindergarten playground...and had to be called back for a hug and a kiss - she was so excited, she forgot to say good-bye to us. She ran back, gave a quick kiss to all of us and headed back in - and jumped right in line. We waited for her to go in and then I headed home and DH headed to work.

I will admit, I was a little teary walking away - but wasn't as sad as I thought I'd be. I am just so excited for her - I think she is going to do great. I can't wait for 3:05, when I can pick her up and give her a huge hug. C'mon 3:05!!!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Anniversary to "US"

7 years ago today, I married my best friend in the whole world. I still remember every detail about that day. The way I felt - how excited I was to be marrying the man of my dreams. My DH was then, and is now - the most amazing man I have ever met - the love he shows me every day takes my breath away. He makes me feel beautiful even when I am in my comfy pants and a t-shirt. I'm amazed that even after all of this time, he looks at me with such love and passion. I am so thankful that I met him all those years ago and have experienced this wonderful love story. I have never been happier and it's all because of my DH. He has given me so much - including our 2 beautiful children. He is supportive of everything I do, he loves me unconditionally no matter what.


Us with our very best friends

There are not enough words to tell you just how much I love you. I can't imagine my life without you. My love for you is never-ending and I cherish all the wonderful moments we have had over the last 7 years of marriage....and there have been SO many. I love you!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Sweet Girl is 4!



To HoneyPie,
I look at you today, and my mind flashes back to when you first entered our lives as a tiny baby, and my heart is at once overcome with love and admiration for you. It's hard to believe that it was 4 years ago today, that I first held you in my arms. Sometimes, it still feels yesterday. I can still remember every detail of that wonderful day. It was a long day - induced at 8am, with very little progression into labour - finally at 10:30pm, it was decided that you would be born by c-section...Daddy and I couldn't wait. They wheeled me into the operating room at midnight...this was my first real surgery and I wasn't even nervous at all - I was all smiles. I couldn't wait to see you and finally hold my darling baby.


You were born at 12:55 on July 19, 2005 - and HoneyPie, you were the most beautiful baby Daddy and I had ever seen. You had big blue eyes and the most kissable rosebud lips. You were just perfect!


The last 4 years with you have been amazing. HoneyPie, you make your Daddy and I smile and laugh every day. You are so funny...with all of your "jokes". You love to dance and sing...and are the most wonderful big sister to Budderoo. Mommy and Daddy could not be more proud of you. You are heading to kindergarten in less than a month, and although I am not quite ready to let you head off to school - you are more than ready to tackle this next step of your life. You are so excited to meet your teacher and to meet some new friends.

You tell me often that I am your best friend...and that you are mine. It makes me so happy - and I hope that you always feel that way. I will always be here for you, no matter what.

You have grown into a beautiful little girl...your Daddy and I love you so much. Thank you, sweet HoneyPie for four years of love, joy, memories, and laughter!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day to my Dad!!!!


A little girl needs her daddy
To love her with manly charm,
To soothe her when she’s hurt,
And keep her safe from harm.

A girl needs her dad
To show her a man who’s good,
To help her make right choices,
As only a father could.

A woman needs her father
Just to be aware,
He’ll always be there for her
To sustain her and to care.

You’ve been all these things, Dad.
I hope that you can see
How much I treasure you;
You mean everything to me.

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful Dad! My Dad is the most amazing guy...he is loving, sincere, humourous and so much fun to be around. He shows so much love to my sister and I. He gives the greatest hugs. He is a kid at heart - which shows in the way he interacts with his grandchildren, whom he adores. Speaking of adore, God, he adores my Mom. The things I have seen him do for her over the years. He is such a romantic. A house decorated with hearts and decorations for Valentine's Day...home made videos of him lip-synching to love songs...the sweetest ever! I have enjoyed all of the fun things we have done together...dancing, softball, father/daughter chats. I cherish all of the wonderful moments we have had together =)

Happy Father's Day, Dad! I wouldn't be the woman I am without you. I LOVE YOU!!!!!
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Son is a Klepto....

...but at least he leaves a calling card.

This whole mystery started off early Sunday morning when I was getting ready to go to a bridal shower and was switching my stuff to a different purse. I should've taken the extra time to put all of my stuff into the matching wallet, but instead left things loosely in the purse. On my way home, I had to stop and get gas - so when I returned to the car, instead of putting my bank card back in my card holder - I left it sitting in the little pocket with my cell phone.

Fast forward to 7pm last night when I realized I didn't have my bank card as I tried to pay for my purchases at Costco. Good thing DH was with me. I knew where the card was - in the little pocket with my cell phone. So, we got home - I go to look for it and it's gone! I was freaking out. I knew I'd put it in there and was so confused why it wasn't still there. I'd seen it there last night when I took my phone out. So, I tore apart my house looking for it.

Half an hour later, I decided to look in the purse again - perhaps I was missing something. And this is what I found:


A chewed up green crayon. BUDDEROO! I remembered him sitting near my purse earlier that day - he must've taken the bank card out - so I moved my couches (with the help of my super strong hubby) and checked under carpets, etc. No where to be found.. And then I had an idea! No, it couldn't be!

I went back into the kitchen, opened my pantry door where we keep some of HoneyPie's crafty things (crayons!)...and what did I find?


I couldn't believe it - what a little stinker. I laughed and told DH that I'd finally found it. We had a good giggle about it...DH said "at least he leaves a calling card"...ya, in the form of a chewed up green crayon.
What a guy, that little Budderoo!

Have a great day, everyone!
~ Hollie

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Could I be any more proud?

Yesterday was HoneyPie's very first dance recital. She did a wonderful job and DH and I were so very proud of her.

The day started off with a dress rehearsal at 11. HoneyPie was so excited to get her hair and makeup done and get to the theater. All the kids did great - just seeing her up there made me teary and so proud. Once she was done, we watched a few of the other numbers and then headed for a Mother/Daughter lunch at East Side Marios's. It was so nice to share a day with just HoneyPie. Once home, it was a definite nap day. The show wasn't until 7, so I had visions of her up there sucking her thumb 'cause she was too tired.

It's Showtime! We headed back to the theatre for 630 where we got back in her costume and waited for her big performance. You never know if the beginner dancers will actually perform but after a long day of travelling to and from the dress rehearsal then back to the theatre for the big show...HoneyPie and her dance class did an amazing performance. They danced to Lollipop - the costumes were adorable and the whole thing brought DH and I to tears. I couldn't have been more proud of her. It was such a great day!

Here are some pics from the day:

And a video - she is at the right end of the front row:

She is already looking forward to next year...and so are we =)

Weight Loss Wednesday #9

I just remembered that I hadn't posted a weight loss thread in a few weeks. The last couple weeks I was kind of in a slump - up a couple ounces, stayed the same....was getting a little discouraging as I was tracking pretty well. So I decided to track even better - for the WHOLE week (I'm bad at tracking breakfasts and lunches and then forgetting dinner and snacks) and I stepped up my exercise.

I did 4 days on the Wii Fit with times ranging 37mins - 1hr10mins including aerobic exercises, balance games and some strength training and yoga poses. I LOVED it - DH was so impressed as I was foregoing TV time with him to go and exercise...sometimes it would've been my 2nd time that day.

Well, my hard work paid off and I am down 23.4lbs. I hope I can do well this week - I've been eating well but haven't had a lot of time to exercise...has been a super busy few days. Am going to get my butt back in gear...starting tomorrow =)

Have a great day, everyone!
~ Hollie

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I See You Baby....Shakin' That A$$

While I was making lunch today, I thought - "I sure do dance around the house a lot". I've constantly got some funky beats playing in my head which get me dancing while making lunch for the kids or doing the dishes...every day activities are much more fun when I'm shakin my booty.
I LOVE to dance...a good stag & doe or wedding, I am on the floor ALL NIGHT. I used to love going to bars/clubs to tear up the dance floor, but sadly, at 30, I feel too old and am always so OVER now I save my dance moves for my kiddies while I tear up the kitchen floor. LOL

What are some of the songs right now that are getting me movin?

(was not able to embed official here's one with pics of Lady GaGa)


RIGHT ROUND - FloRida feat. Kesha

FIRE BURNING - Sean Kingston
(no video for this one either...but the song rocks)

And some of my older faves....
GET BUSY - Sean Paul

DIRRTY - Christina Aguilera

And some real OLD SKOOL:

RUMP SHAKER - Wrexx-N-Effect


I could go on like this all day, I'm sure - but will save some fun songs for any future dance posts.
But before I go:

Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn't music. ~William Stafford

Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance. ~Dave Barry

~ Hollie
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I used to love Saved by the Bell as a kid. Zack Morris was so dreamy and who didn't (or still doesn't) want a bod like Kelly Kapowski's. This morning I came across this clip of Mark Paul Gosselaar on Jimmy Fallon promoting a new TV show. It's pretty humourous - and he looks great =)

I hope that Jimmy gets all of the cast on board for a Saved By The Bell reunion show to celebrate 20 awesome would that be? =)

Well, off to get changed, heading out for dinner in a bit with my wonderful family.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kids Say the Cutest Things...especially HoneyPie


HoneyPie can make DH and I laugh at the drop of a hat. She is so cute / funny! Here are some of the things that I can remember from the last few days.

HoneyPie: "Look, there's a factory!"
Mommy: "You're right! What do you think they make in there?"
HoneyPie: "Ummmm"....(thinking)...maybe pancakes and waffles?"

Budderoo: speaking in toddler gibberish
HoneyPie: giggles "Listen, Mommy...he's using French words"

While listening to Dangerous by Kardinall Ofishall and Akon
HoneyPie: "Mommy, why is she dangerous"
Mommy: "Well, she treats boys badly and breaks their hearts"
HoneyPie: "How does she break them? Steps on them?"

HonePie gave her brother a big hug after naptime today.
HoneyPie: "ah, he's so cute...I want to keep him...let's keep him....No one is going to take away MY baby"

HoneyPie keeps us laughing all the time - so adorable!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday #8

Well, last night was weigh in day - and I stayed the same this week. I am OK with this, but am a bit disappointed that it wasn't a loss. But I only have myself to blame....and a certain someone who brought McDonald's over for lunch on Thursday. LOL So I did do a bit of cheating (biting without writing) this week. McD's, nachos at the movies on Monday (but they were so good), and a few other little things here and there.

This week I am vowing to keep on track and hopefully will see a decrease on the scale. This morning I did 28mins aerobic exercise on the Wii Fit. It was fast to tell me that it had been 58 days since my last visit...but I was 4.4lbs that was good to see. I brought the kids down with me and we all did it together. (It is rainy today, so this gave the kids some gross motor activities) The kids loved pretending to hula hoop and enjoyed running on the spot along with me. For those who haven't tried the island lap run...this is a 12min run...was hard work for this little chubster - LOL - but I did it. And you know what got me through it - HoneyPie's words of encouragement as I said "Oh my god, this is long"...she kept telling me "Way to go, can do it....looking good...Yay, Mommy - you're almost there". She was amazing - what a little cheerleader.

And I will be her loudest cheerleader tomorrow night as she plays her first soccer game. We signed her up for the MicroSoccer League (4&5s) and she (and we) are super excited!!!!

Off to make lunch for the kiddies - fish & chips...but I will be eating a Lean Cuisine. YUM!
Ciao for now,

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Whoo Hoo, Kris Allen!

Congratulations to Kris Allen...2009 American Idol Winner


What a shocker on last night's American Idol. I fully expected Adam Lambert to win - he was the judges fave from day one. I was absolutely not a fan - I found his voice annoying and screechy, his performances were theatrical and always over the top...and when they announced that Kris Allen had won over him...I was was Kris Allen, himself. He even said that Adam deserved to win.

I am a huge American Idol fan, and love right from the beginning to the end (unlike DH who only really loves the audition episodes, or so he says...I think he is a closet A.I. Lover hee hee). But, I admit I get kind of annoyed by the usually dragged out 2hr finale. But last night's was great! The performances, the duets...I thought it was awesome. Some of my fave moments were:


* Norman Gentle - he always makes me laugh
* Tatiana - that girl is insane
* Kris Allen and Keith Urban's duet
* Bikini Girl...when Ryan said "I was going to ask you what's new, but I think I already know" DH and I died...hilarious.
* Kara showing up Bikini Girl's singing (she was even worse than her audtion, I think) and then ripping open her dress. OMG! We had to watch it a few times. I am not a big fan of Kara but in that moment she was flippin' awesome!

So, now I wait until next January for American Idol 2010. And hope that Kris releases an amazing album and has huge success. I am pretty sure that the top 4, Alison, Danny (my #1), Adam and Kris (my #2) will all do quite well.

Off to make lunch for my kiddies,
Til next post...adios
~ Hollie

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday #7

Well, I'm happy to say that even after a weekend of birthday parties with yummy cupcakes, neighbourhood breakfast with eggs and bacon and a BBQ with Burgers and Dairy Queen, I did pretty well this week. I lost 1.4lbs totaling 21.4 Whoo Hoo (a little celebrating on my part). Am hoping to keep on this losing path - summer is coming...which in turn means the dreaded "bathing suit". So, I have 9 weeks until our week away at the cottage. Bring on the 0pt soup and treadmill!!!!!


So, American Idol finale tonight - we're taping it right now so we can zip through it in a bit. I am really hoping that screachy Adam Lambert doesn't win. I like Kris Allen, and as a friend mentioned earlier, I am hoping that all the fans who were voting for Danny Gokey will now vote for Kris and let him be the next American Idol. I went to today and it had a large banner reading "2009 American Idol winner". Already celebrating his victory....which I really hope he does not get! GO KRIS ALLEN!!!!


On another note:
While putting my kids to bed tonight, I hugged them that tiny bit tighter. Today, my heart is aching for a family in Woodstock, ON. For those who haven't heard about this heartbreaking story:
Victoria Stafford,8, went missing when she was walking home from school at the beginning of April. She was seen on a surveillance camera at a local high school walking with an unidentified woman. Originally, the police were not treating it as an abduction, hence the reason why an Amber Alert wasn't issued. A week into her disappearance, Oxford County Police decided that it was an abduction, but still did not issue an Amber Alert.

It was made known by the media this morning that they have made 2 arrests, a man and a woman, who are known to the Stafford family. The male has been charged with one count of first-degree murder and one count of abduction, the female has been charged with abduction and accessory after the fact to murder. It is said that the female is known to Victoria's mother (there had been rumours that she was somehow involved).
A search has been formed in a rural farm area in Guelph - with information that sweet little Victoria has passed.
This whole story just breaks my heart - I cherish my children so much. My heart goes out to her family.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Sad Moment at...IKEA? Huh?

This past Saturday, we went shopping at IKEA as we wanted to buy a new shelf for our landing.

It is super cute and now we just have to find some nice things to put in it. But that's not what this blog is about...

When we first went in, HoneyPie saw the play place and for the first time there were spaces available. So, we filled out the form and she put on her little numbered pinnie and off she went. Hardly a goodbye to DH, Budderoo and I. I watched her as we waited for the elevator...she sat down at the colouring table and began colouring a butterfly. We headed upstairs and started to shop, I got teary and said "I feel so sad dropping her off there".

She is growing up too fast! She will be starting JK this September and I know I'm going to be a mess her first day of school. I recently bought her The Imagination Movers Juice Box Heroes CD and there is a super sweet song called "First Day of School" There is a line that totally made me cry - it talks about how the boy had been there from 9 - 3, almost all day and it says something like, "You're waiting for me at the car, I really don't want to leave, but I really want to see your know I love to see your smile" (UGH! Just typing it is making me teary).

HoneyPie is so excited to start school, as I am for her. It will be really good for her. As I've been home with her since she was born, with only her recently attending a music class on Friday mornings, she hasn't really had any preschool/daycare experience, other than the daycare I run at home.

I know that she will be fine and will have a wonderful time in kindergarten. Mommy just needs to breath a little and enjoy this very special moment. My baby girl is growing up...

Will be back tomorrow for Weight Loss Wednesday...and probably a little American Idol talk. Who will win? Adam, I'm sure UGH!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!


Mom, I loved you yesterday, I love you tomorrow and everyday.
You were there for me my first day of school, to hold my hand and give me courage to go.
You listened to me when I needed to talk, you talked to me when I needed to listen.
You let me grow and learn from my own mistakes.
You never left my side when I was feeling down, I knew you would be there to pick me up.
I wish there was a way I could repay all the things you have done for me,
but there's nothing great enough to repay the greatest mother of all.

I wish I could tell you, Mom just how much you mean to me.
But there are no words to say
how much I admire you...
how much I appreciate you...
how much I thank you
for everything you've done.


Before I was a Mom,
I never tripped over toys
or forgot words to a lullaby.
I didn't worry whether or not
my plants were poisonous.
I never thought about immunizations.

Before I was a Mom,
I had never been puked on.
Pooped on.
Chewed on.
Peed on.
I had complete control of my mind
and my thoughts.
I slept all night.

Before I was a Mom,
I never held down a screaming child
so doctors could do tests.
Or give shots.
I never looked into teary eyes and cried.
I never got gloriously happy over a simple grin.
I never sat up late hours at night
watching a baby sleep.

Before I was a Mom,
I never held a sleeping baby just because
I didn't want to put her down.
I never felt my heart break into a million pieces
when I couldn't stop the hurt.!
I never knew that something so small
could affect my life so much.
I never knew that I could love someone so much.
I never knew I would love being a Mom.

Before I was a Mom,
I didn't know the feeling of
having my heart outside my body..
I didn't know how special it could feel
to feed a hungry baby.
I didn't know that bond
between a mother and her child.
I didn't know that something so small
could make me feel so important and happy.

Before I was a Mom,
I had never gotten up in the middle of the night
every 10 minutes to make sure all was okay.
I had never known the warmth,
the joy,
the love,
the heartache,
the wonderment
or the satisfaction of being a Mom.
I didn't know I was capable of feeling so much,
before I was a Mom .

MOMMY LOVES YOU, HONEYPIE & BUDDEROO! You are my everything and I couldn't imagine my life without you both. You are the reason the sun shines! xoxoxo

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday #6.....and a little A.I.

Well, after quite a bit of indulging this weekend while away on my Mommy Day Away, I was a little nervous about tonight's weigh in. But...I was pleasantly surprised and quite happy with a 0.2 gain.

Not much else to blog about tonight! Although, I must say I was very surprised by tonight's elimination on American Idol. DH and I were totally not expecting Allison to go home. She has a great voice and is quite a little performer. For being only 17, she is really quite good!
I have to say Danny Gokey is my #1. I love his voice - he's done some great performances!

But, I tend to think that crappy Adam Lambert is going to win this season. DH and I cringe every time he performs, and are so annoyed by the judges kissing his ass every week. We do not like him at all! Oh well, I'm sure Danny will do well - being #1 doesn't always mean that they become superstars..some of the runner-ups have done better than the winners (i.e. Chris Daughtry - - HOT!)

Well, off to bed for me.
Nite Nite
~ Hollie

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mommy's Day Away

This Saturday, I had the opportunity to spend the day/night away with my friend, Kelly. We had been planning this for quite a while and we were so excited when Saturday morning finally got here.

She picked me up around 11am, and we headed down to Niagara Falls. Our first stop was over the border at the Miliary Outlet Mall. We had lunch at Applebee's (I had the Orange Chicken was fantastic).

{{Sidenote: When I was looking for this picture on the Applebee's website, it took me to the location in Niagara Falls which listed it as $19.49. I paid $10.49 in the states. Insane how much they mark things up in the Falls}}

We did quite a bit of shopping...all for the kids. I got HoneyPie and Budderoo some cute jammies and outfits for the summer from Carter's, and a couple short sets for Budderoo from Osh Kosh. I got these jammies for HoneyPie, she is wearing them right now and looks adorable!

From there, we checked into our hotel - Sheraton on the Falls- a nice room right on the corner of Clifton Hill, so we had a nice view of the park and the Falls. The beds were so comfy, we barely wanted to go and get dinner as we had became too relaxed while watching TV. We had dinner at the Fallsview Buffet at the hotel. It was good, but definitely not worth $34.95. After dinner, we walked up Clifton Hill a bit and got some munchies for our planned chick flick.

We rented Marley & Me and got in our jammies and each hopped into our super comfy bed (with the comfiest pillows ever). The movie was sad. We both had dogs that were a big part of our family and some of the scenes hit really close to home.

We went to bed early (11:30pm) as we were just so excited to sleep in a bed, without being woken up by the kids through the night or early in the morning. Only to be woken up at 1:15am by the fire alarm. This went on for 45 minutes with intermittent PA announcements telling us to remain calm and in our rooms while they investigate. It turned out to be a false alarm, but getting back to sleep after was tough. We were SO awake for 45mins. We slept til 9, which for us is very unusual. Our kids are early risers. We laid around for a while before checking out at 10:30

Grabbed some breakfast and then did some more shopping at the Lundy's Lane outlets. We both bought a bunch of stuff for US at the Roots outlet. Our last stop was at the Coach store, where I found a super cute purple clutch. It was a great price.

Kelly dropped me off at about 130 and was told by Tim that Lauren was waiting for me to give her a kiss before nap. The look on her face when she saw me come into her room was just priceless. Almost made being away for the day all the more worth while. She gave me the biggest hug and told me how much she missed me.

Thanks, Kelly for suggesting we do this. It was a great way to spend some Mommy Time. Looking forward to next time already =)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday #5

Had a great week and it showed tonight on the scales.
I lost 2.0lbs putting me at a total of 20.8lbs lost!


I was thrilled. I'm pretty sure this is the most that I've lost on my 3 journeys with Weight Watchers. I am determined to stick with it this time and get to my goal...and hopefully become a lifetime member.

Some things that may have attributed to my successes this week are:
*I started to exercise. We have a fantastic treadmill in our basement that has been sitting pretty well unused for quite some time, so I decided to start using it. I walked/ran 3 times this past week - and plan to continue this routine.
*I stuck with the Garden Vegetable Soup (see recipe below Weight Loss Wednesday # 2 - April 8th) I made a double batch and it lasted me almost all week
*Enjoyed the sunshine and played outdoors with the kids

This week, an old friend joined...Christine has decided to attend the meetings on Wednesdays, that way we can go together. As I mentioned below, it's been hard for me to get to meetings knowing I have to sit alone (I'm a suck that way LOL). I am happy that we can travel on this tough road together...and am looking forward to seeing her more often.
Good luck this week, Christine!

Off to bed with me now...just spent 2 hours getting all the daycare tax stuff in order to send off to our accountant tomorrow.
Nite Nite
~ Hollie

Baby Jumping Festival...WHAT?????


Those spaniards sure have some interesting the Running of the Bulls, The Christmas Pooping Log and perhaps, the most interesting.....the Baby Jumping Festival.

Men dress up as Lucifer and leap over a couple of rows of babies laying on the street. The belief is that as the “devil” jumps over the infants, he takes the “evil” out of them and the kids are therefore cleansed. This curious tradition has been in full effect since around 1620 and takes place in tribute to Corpus Christi. The Baby Jumping Festival happens this year from June 11-15 in Castrillo de Murcia.

Have already bought my ticket for Budderoo - sometimes I wonder if he could use an old fashioned exorcism. Hee Hee

~ Back later,

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Fun Friday

Today was a great day!
I guess it started off last night, when Budderoo got up at 1:30am screaming...I was having trouble getting him back to sleep, so as DH was just coming to bed he offered to bring him in to sleep with him, while I catch up on sleep in the spare room. I can't tell you how great it was to sleep in a bed all by myself. I always end up in the spare room with Budderoo, and sometimes it was great to sleep in til 7:45, getting up with my alarm...not when the kids wanted me to.

HoneyPie had her Music & Movement class this morning at our area's rec centre. This is just her 2nd class but she really seems to enjoy it. I wanted to sign her up for something where I had to drop her off. With me being home with her, she has never attended preschool or daycare...I was worried that she may have a hard time adjusting to starting kindergarten in September...but she runs in there and seems to have a great time. When I went to pick her up a couple hours later, the kids were in the gym doing an action game and playing with the parachute. They planted sunflower seeds in a cup and she decorated it with pretty stickers. I LOVE sunflowers. I hope that it grows well, perhaps be as gorgeous as this:

Later that afternoon, I took her to my salon to get her hair cut. HoneyPie was bald at birth and her hair has taken forever to grow. She's only had her hair cut 3 times in her almost 4 years, and most times it was only for a bang trim. We've always gone to the kid places, like Melonheads or Sharkey's Cuts for Kids...but haven't been thrilled with their jobs lately. So, we decided to take her to my salon where my stylist fixed her bangs (they had cut way too much bang, so now we need to grow a bunch out) and put some nice layers in her unruly curly hair. She loved sitting in the big chair and got to hold a Nemo Webkinz toy during her cut.

Pizza for dinner. I know, I know...not the healthiest choice - but I couldn't think of anything for dinner...and really didn't feel like making anything - so we used our free Topper's pizza coupon (collected enough stickers to get a free medium)...and it was GOOD! Budderoo LOVED it, HoneyPie is not a big fan of pizza, so getting her to finish one piece took a LONG time. After dinner, we joined our neighbours across the street for some drinks (me, Diet pop, DH, beer) while the kids played.

We moved to our new street, a court, last August and it has been wonderful. We have the friendliest neighbours anyone can ask for and they welcomed us to their group the night we moved in. Once the weather is nice, everyone gathers across the street and the dads boys play big games of street hockey, while the girls chalk up a storm or jump on M&S's trampoline....once the kids are in bed, the parents reconvene out on the street where there is usually a poker game set up under the street lights. We were out tonight until after 9 and had a great time catching up with everyone after the long, cold winter. They are a really great group.

I just finished 31 minutes on the treadmill after getting the kids to bed. Am now feeling a bit's after 11:30 so I should get to bed. HoneyPie has dance in the morning. Only 5 more classes before her first recital. HoneyPie loves her dance class...and she is so cute doing her little routine. Can't wait til the big show.

Night Night,
~ Hollie

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday #4

Well after a weekend in Montreal, and a little bit of indulging, I was happy with my results tonight. I only lost 0.2, but at least I wasn't up. I wasn't able to stay at the meeting last week, so I did my celebrating and received my 10%keychain.

My leader asked me how losing 10% has changed me. What the difference is between now and when I walked through the door at the end of August. I have more energy to play with the kids, I am starting to feel better about myself physically - I am quite pleased with losing 18.8 lbs.

It's been hard for me the last little while - I think because when I first started it was with 3 of my friends. Since then, they have quit the program, and I am now attending on my own. Keeping on track is always a challenge - I like to snack LOL but it is hard going to the meetings alone. I switched to a location closer to my house once my last friend quit. This location is a lot busier making me nervous to talk in front of them...but today I finally had to celebrate. I am proud of myself for sticking with it, getting to the meetings. I am hoping next week to get my 20lb ribbon....then on to goal.

I am not big on exercising...but have vowed to incorporate it into my daily routine. We have a treadmill that sits unused far too often. But DH and I have agreed to do 1/2hr every night once the kids go to bed. We will watch a show and take turns doing our 30mins. Tonight I made it to 27 before Budderoo woke up screaming (not sure what's going on tonight, he's been up a few times already)...but I kept at a decent pace (2.5/3) with about 5-6mins of running (at 4) here and there - I am SO NOT a runner...and was disappointed that the first set of running I couldn't even do 2 mins...but the next time I got to, who knows, maybe someday I will be a runner. hee hee (doubt it, but I can dream, can't I?)
Would love to look like someone who runs =)

You've got to say, I think that if I keep working at this and want it badly enough I can have it. It's called perseverance.