Friday, December 30, 2011

DIY: Coasters

For teacher's Christmas presents this year, I decided to do something crafty as I had 4 teachers to buy for this year. I had seen
this craft on Pinterest, and thought I would try and make these beautiful handmade coasters.

Supplies you will need:
** 4x4 ceramic bathroom tile - I found these at Home Depot - very inexpensive, 31cents each.
** Mod Podge
** Acrylic Sealer - these were a bit more than I thought but for the amount you'll use, it'll last forever.
** Sponge brush
** Scrapbook paper, any print - I used Christmasy paper ;)
** Thin cork board - I found this at Michaels - was the most costly of all my items.

I didn't take many pictures while I was making them, but it really is an easy craft the steps will be pretty self explanatory.

Take your tile and brush on the mod podge - cover the entire tile with the glue.
Place your pre-cut scrapbook paper onto the tile (I cut mine into 3 3/4" squares to leave a little bit of a tile border
Brush another coat of mod podge over the entire tile/paper surface and allow to dry
In a well ventilated area, spray a layer of acrylic sealer over the top of the tile/coaster. This will provide a shiny finish as well as make the coaster water proof for any spills or condensation from drinks, etc.
When the coasters are dry, hot glue a 4" square of thin cork onto the bottom of the tile - to prevent any scratches on your furniture. I had read that you could also use felt for this, but I found it too hard to cut, so I stuck with the cork.

I made 6 sets of 4 coasters - 4 for the teachers and 1 set for each of our parents for Christmas. Everyone loved them - and it was nice to give something that was handmade with love.

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