Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Creating My Own Wall-Art

I am definitely not an artist, but when I saw this post Two Girls Being Crafty via Pinterest (yet another crafty item from that wonderful site), I decided to give creating my own wall-art a try.

I made a run to Michaels and picked up some supplies
* 16x20 canvas (yay for a 50% sale - perfect timing)
* brown acrylic paint pen
* acrylic paints
I used Martha Stewart multi surface Satin acrylic paints (only chose this brand because they were 30% off)
* round sponges in 3 different sizes.

I started this morning by taking my canvas and painting it with "Summer Linen" - the white was just a bit too stark, the creamy colour made it look just a little warmer. I used a small paint brush to cover the canvas...don't forget to do the sides, too ;)

The paint did not take long to dry, so about an hour later, I started drawing, with my paint pen, a variety of branches. It was recommended to use a paint pen, for us non-artsy types - I don't think I would've had the same precision with a paint brush. This was fun to do - made me feel artsy. My sister got that bulk of the art gene, sadly.

While the kids were napping, I decided to start adding colour to my painting. This was the fun part. I used a variety of colours that I felt would go well with my dining room/living room. The colours I used were Habanera, Geranium, Yellow Jacket, Green Olive and Scallion. I just dabbed my round sponges into the paint and then placed them sporadically around the canvas.

I am very happy with the finished product - What do you think? Right now I have it placed on our beige wall - but may move it over a tad onto our brick coloured accent wall - not sure.

Another successful crafty creation from Pinterest - man, I love that site. And if you have time - check out Two Girls Being Crafty - they have some great things to make on their site...I can't wait to check out more of their posts.

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