Sunday, December 15, 2013

DIY: Head Band Holder

I'm not sure about others with daughters, but I often found head bands lying around all over the house - on the floor, on her dresser or desk, but no real spot to store them.  This frustrated frustrated me.

A couple months ago, I had this idea - I was going to create a head band holder - not sure how or when, but it was going to get done. And then, as I was rinsing out an ice cream tub, just like the one pictured, the idea came to me.

Today, while at Canadian Tire, I bought some really cool "Duck Tape", Lo helped me decide which pattern.  This stuff is awesome - so I'm going to watch for if it ever goes on sale.  It was $5.99  The patterns are awesome - and from what I've seen on line, you can make some pretty amazing things from Duck tape - who knew????  =D

I wrapped the Duck tape around the ice cream tub - this was a bit tricky at time - trying to keep the tape straight while going around an unevenly shaped circular container was a little frustrating.
But it all worked out and Lo has 2 super cute head band holders.

Let's hope it helps her keep her head bands in one spot instead of all over my house. Ha!

Happy Crafting!!!!!!

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