Wednesday, October 14, 2009

CIO = Tired Parents


I'm not sure how long I have been catering to Budderoo's bad sleep habits. He has never been a good sleeper - As a newborn, he was up often to he got older, he would wake through the night just for a cuddle...and now as a toddler, he wakes through the night to come and sleep with me. And it's my own fault!

Like I said, I don't know when this first started, it's been a while - one night, so long ago, I was just so tired from being up with him what felt like a million times through the night, I decided to bring him in with me in the spare bed - and the rest is history. He goes to bed pretty well...and then around 1230, he wakes up and cries screams until I bring him in with me. Once he is in the bed with me, he sleeps great!

I have tried a few times to let him cry it out (CIO) and see if he'll fall back asleep on his own - but this in turn wakes HoneyPie, making for a very tired and grumpy girl on days she has school. I just can't leave him to cry for long - it breaks my heart...and would rather all of us get some sleep.

Last night, Budderoo woke up around 12:20 and I headed to get him...DH said "STOP! I'll deal with him, don't get him - let's let him CIO" I headed back to bed, and DH tried to get him back to sleep for a long time. Budderoo is stubborn...he cried for a good 45 minutes. You just think he's asleep, goes a bit quiet...and then back to screaming again. So, about 1:10, DH brought him in with him. Perhaps if we keep trying this, the duration of his crying will decrease, and he will eventually fall back asleep on his own.

I wish I never had gotten into the habit, but having 4-5 kids in my home throughout the day, being an exhausted parent/caregiver just isn't an option....and it's not just me, who was exhausted...DH was tired at work, HoneyPie was tired throughout the day. We all just needed a good night's sleep, and if bringing him with me helped us to obtain that - even if it was the worst choice!

One good thing about letting him CIO last night - - we finally know that he can, in fact, say "mama" - which he refuses to do when asked - he was crying and calling my name. Made me feel good - he's been calling both DH and I "daddeeeee" for a while. LOL

Thanks, T for helping out last night - you are the best!


  1. We've had the same problem 3 1/2 years later we are starting to get full nights sleep. Not by choice we had him in a bed quite early. Which meant he could run to us. Which started a rule. If it's before 5am one of us puts him back to bed and if necessary lays with him. If it's after 5 am he crawls in bed with us. There are times you wake up and he's snuck in but it's rare.

    Other aspect we have found is that he needs a fairly bright night light. He now uses a head lamp :)

    Watch instinct, one of the thing he learned from the Gorilla's was that they did everything with their young. Why should we be that much different. Before you know it their 16 smoken pot and telling you off. Enjoy that you are the center if their universe.

  2. I always appreciate your comments, Fred =D
    Thank you!
    Sometimes I wonder if he would sleep better if we moved him into his big boy bed - but he's only 19months - I'd like to wait til he's at least 2...we'll see.

    How did you come across my blog? Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. because Z was climbing out at 18 months he's been in one since then. I say go for it.

  4. Haha, Now I've figured out who you really are.