Saturday, October 3, 2009

She Doesn't Need Me Anymore!

Last night, we went to a movie night at HoneyPie's school. It was so much fun - sleeping bags and pillows huddled on the gym floor watching Monsters Vs. Aliens. It was such a great atmosphere - we had a super fun time.

About half way through the movie, HoneyPie announced that she had to go the bathroom. So - we headed out and I asked her to show me where the bathroom was - she led me half way around the school to the "big girl bathroom" - I was so proud that she was able to show me where it was, after only a few days at school...but then...

She heads into the stall and says - "I'm a big girl, Mommy - I'll go in and you stay out here" and proceeds to go in and lock the door. OMG! This is a big step.

I don't like this growing up idea!

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