Thursday, May 20, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday - May

After a couple weeks of gaining, I have finally gotten myself back on track. Last week I lost 1.2, and this week, 2.2 - and I must thank a special competition 2 of neighbours and I started. We all need to lose a little bit of weight - so we decided to create a friendly competition, the person who loses the most in 4weeks gets treated to a movie. So - the game was on. I worked out almost every day, on the treadmill, outside walking. The 3 of us have been walking 5km 1-2x a week. And it's been awesome - and it has really helped on the scales. I am now down 29lbs =D

I weighed myself this morning and was 156.8 - when I got pregnant with HoneyPie in November of 2004, I was 155. I haven't been this low since the end of 2004. I was so excited!

I am going to try hard to get to their goal of 146 by my 2nd anniversary with WW - perhaps even lifetime. That gives me 3 months to lose 11lbs. Wish me luck, I hope I can do it....maybe I can even get to MY goal of 140.

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