Monday, June 14, 2010


Oh my god! I feel terrible! Do I look terrible? That is me...taken about 5 minutes ago...I don't know what is wrong with me, but I feel like I've been hit by a truck. It all started yesterday when I woke up with horrible lower back truly felt like when I was in labour with HoneyPie, I had some wicked back labour with her, and this is exactly what it felt like. DH told me to lay down for a bit in bed and put a warm bag on my back...there I stayed for 1.5hrs....and there I returned later in the afternoon for another 2 hours. After dinner, came a fever of 101.5 ICK! I was chilled, yet was terrible. I got the kids to bed at 845 and hit the sack myself. I should've taken today as a sick day, but thought I'd be better today...boy was I wrong. I spent some of the day in tears or lying on the couch...luckily DH was home to help out (he has since left for 2 nights on business, of course, always the way, isn't it?) I sit...feeling sorry for myself as my children watch yet another cartoon. I'm still achy and fevered...covered in a blanket WITH my hoodie UP! LOL HoneyPie looked at me and said "WHAT are you doing?" I have taken tomorrow off and plan to rest while HoneyPie is at school - hopefully Buddaroo cooperates. (Crossing your fingers while typing is difficult hee hee) It's 7:10 and I can't wait til bed time. I may just be going down WITH the kids again tonight. C'mon 8:00.

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