Friday, July 15, 2011

Hugh concert?

Last night, we had the opportunity to see Hugh Jackman in concert. He is performing a one-man show at The Princess of Wales theatre. DH's coworker had a bunch of tickets, so we joined 3 couples to see the show. Now, I must admit I was a bit skeptical when I received the e-mail asking if I wanted to go. Because, I'm sure like most of you...I only picture Hugh Jackman like this....

But, I was so pleasantly surprised by the show. Hugh Jackman was AMAZING. It is so wrong that this man can be so good looking and charming, and also be able to sing and dance and act with such skill.

The show was quite simple...Hugh, a 18 piece band, back up singers, a few projection screens showing some pictures and videos and lots of charm!

But what makes Jackman and his show so amazing is one word: TALENT! Man, he can sing. He ranged from songs by Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire to those by Peter Allen....he even entertained us with some hip thrusts and grinding while singing "Shake your booty" Performing songs ranging from classic to contemporary, he proved to have not only the voice, but the moves.

One of my favorite numbers was where Jackman rattled off Music Man‘s opening scene, I remember watching the movie with my Mom and loved the music...Hugh performed the song playing the part of ALL eight salesmen accompanied by the band’s drummer tapping out a quickening beat of a train rolling down the tracks. Jackman went through a solid two minutes of the opening number performing with a sense of humour and accuracy. It was a riot, as his back up singer Merle suggested he try a 2011 feel to evolved from the class Music Man to the "Harold Mother-Effin' Hill, the music man" It was hilarious.

His show at the Princess of Wales in only on until July 17th, but if you can get there in the next couple days...definitely do it. It is 100 minutes of pure entertainment provided by an Australian hunk that is very easy on the eyes. ;)
An absolutely amazing night out with my hubby.

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