Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wild Rose Herbal Detox - Day Twelve

Well, today was sort of a bust - I was good through the morning and lunch time - but then came the tour at the StoneyRidge winery - I had a bit of wine, some snacks and then later had dinner out with my parents, sister and another couple. Had a burger and fries - I'd been craving something junky - and I had it. Ugh, it was yummy but I definitely didn't feel great later on.
I'm going to try and eat healthier - but I don't think I will be able omit food groups like they suggest (i.e. carbs, dairy, sugar).

DH had an easier time of this detox - and was able to lose 8.5lbs. I only ended up losing 2. Which for me, isn't a good enough incentive to do this again. I really don't know. DH thinks he will do this twice a year...I'm not sure how I feel.
To be honest, I'm so glad we are:

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