Friday, March 7, 2014

6 years old!

6 years ago today, our not so little man came screaming into the world.  When I say "not so little", I mean "NOT SO LITTLE" - E weighed a whopping 10lbs 4oz and man, I loved every single ounce of that chunky newborn boy.
He completed our family - Daddy, his big sister, Lo and I loved him so much.

E has filled our lives with so much love and laughter.  At 6 years old, he is a loveable, cuddly, sporty, hilarious, kind, little boy. He is so friendly and we are always surprised by the kids that say "Hey, Ev" on the black top.  He loves school and is really starting to pick up on his reading.  He is an absolute Mama's boy, loving to twirl my hair.  He loves his Daddy's tickles and wrestle time.  He and his sister are great friends, although sometimes they fight like cats and dogs.  They really do care about each other.

A few of Ev's favourites, age 6:

Favourite Movie:  "Turbo"
Favourite Food:  "Pizza"
Favourite Drink: "Orange juice"
Favourite Thing to Do: "Playing X-Box"
Favourite Book: "Green Eggs and Ham"
Favourite Place to Eat: "Spoon & Fork"
Favourite Sport Team: "Cardinals" - Daddy's baseball team <3 p="">Favourite Sport to Play: "Baseball"
Favourite Colour:  "Orange"
Favourite Super Hero:  "Human Torch"

I couldn't imagine our life without our little man.  He makes every day brighter!

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