Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Have you seen this video?

     My brother (in law), Dennis posted it to Facebook the other day and I watched it in tears.  As soon as I saw the women covering up their faces when noticing the video camera, I remembered how many times I had done that, or how many times I watched home videos and now remember my Mom, Aunts, Grandmothers doing that. And then I saw the wonderful little girls - no insecurities, no signs of embarrassment, no self doubt - just pure and utter happiness.

The video asks "When did you stop believing you are beautiful?"
   For me, I can't honestly remember when I truly did. In grade 3, when 'friends' used to tease me about a small bump on my nose -  In grade 5, I was a bit heavy, insecurities started - not sure I ever looked at myself in a positive way again.   Even on my wedding day, when I should've felt the like a princess, I had anxiety about walking down the aisle, second thoughts on my dress and hair - these thoughts overshadowed the "beautifulness" I should have felt.  There are times when I look in the mirror and think, for a split second, "I am pretty", but it is soon taken over by thoughts of self doubt and a lot of negative self talk - will save that for another blog post.

I take a look at my daughter, who is almost 9, with admiration and love.
She doesn't worry about her appearance or if her clothes match.
She is happy and seems confident.
I wonder when she is going to stop thinking she is beautiful.
I hope she never does.

So, I ask, When did YOU stop believing you are beautiful?

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