Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday #6.....and a little A.I.

Well, after quite a bit of indulging this weekend while away on my Mommy Day Away, I was a little nervous about tonight's weigh in. But...I was pleasantly surprised and quite happy with a 0.2 gain.

Not much else to blog about tonight! Although, I must say I was very surprised by tonight's elimination on American Idol. DH and I were totally not expecting Allison to go home. She has a great voice and is quite a little performer. For being only 17, she is really quite good!
I have to say Danny Gokey is my #1. I love his voice - he's done some great performances!

But, I tend to think that crappy Adam Lambert is going to win this season. DH and I cringe every time he performs, and are so annoyed by the judges kissing his ass every week. We do not like him at all! Oh well, I'm sure Danny will do well - being #1 doesn't always mean that they become superstars..some of the runner-ups have done better than the winners (i.e. Chris Daughtry - - HOT!)

Well, off to bed for me.
Nite Nite
~ Hollie

1 comment:

  1. I thought Paula's performance was an embarrassment.

    1. Looked like it stepped out of the 80's.
    2. Certain she was lip syncing.
    3. How do they shower and change so quickly after a performance!