Thursday, May 21, 2009

Whoo Hoo, Kris Allen!

Congratulations to Kris Allen...2009 American Idol Winner


What a shocker on last night's American Idol. I fully expected Adam Lambert to win - he was the judges fave from day one. I was absolutely not a fan - I found his voice annoying and screechy, his performances were theatrical and always over the top...and when they announced that Kris Allen had won over him...I was was Kris Allen, himself. He even said that Adam deserved to win.

I am a huge American Idol fan, and love right from the beginning to the end (unlike DH who only really loves the audition episodes, or so he says...I think he is a closet A.I. Lover hee hee). But, I admit I get kind of annoyed by the usually dragged out 2hr finale. But last night's was great! The performances, the duets...I thought it was awesome. Some of my fave moments were:


* Norman Gentle - he always makes me laugh
* Tatiana - that girl is insane
* Kris Allen and Keith Urban's duet
* Bikini Girl...when Ryan said "I was going to ask you what's new, but I think I already know" DH and I died...hilarious.
* Kara showing up Bikini Girl's singing (she was even worse than her audtion, I think) and then ripping open her dress. OMG! We had to watch it a few times. I am not a big fan of Kara but in that moment she was flippin' awesome!

So, now I wait until next January for American Idol 2010. And hope that Kris releases an amazing album and has huge success. I am pretty sure that the top 4, Alison, Danny (my #1), Adam and Kris (my #2) will all do quite well.

Off to make lunch for my kiddies,
Til next post...adios
~ Hollie

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  1. Not sure I see him with staying power. My prediction is that he is a one hit wonder like most Idol winners. But maybe I will be wrong :)