Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday #7

Well, I'm happy to say that even after a weekend of birthday parties with yummy cupcakes, neighbourhood breakfast with eggs and bacon and a BBQ with Burgers and Dairy Queen, I did pretty well this week. I lost 1.4lbs totaling 21.4 Whoo Hoo (a little celebrating on my part). Am hoping to keep on this losing path - summer is coming...which in turn means the dreaded "bathing suit". So, I have 9 weeks until our week away at the cottage. Bring on the 0pt soup and treadmill!!!!!


So, American Idol finale tonight - we're taping it right now so we can zip through it in a bit. I am really hoping that screachy Adam Lambert doesn't win. I like Kris Allen, and as a friend mentioned earlier, I am hoping that all the fans who were voting for Danny Gokey will now vote for Kris and let him be the next American Idol. I went to today and it had a large banner reading "2009 American Idol winner". Already celebrating his victory....which I really hope he does not get! GO KRIS ALLEN!!!!


On another note:
While putting my kids to bed tonight, I hugged them that tiny bit tighter. Today, my heart is aching for a family in Woodstock, ON. For those who haven't heard about this heartbreaking story:
Victoria Stafford,8, went missing when she was walking home from school at the beginning of April. She was seen on a surveillance camera at a local high school walking with an unidentified woman. Originally, the police were not treating it as an abduction, hence the reason why an Amber Alert wasn't issued. A week into her disappearance, Oxford County Police decided that it was an abduction, but still did not issue an Amber Alert.

It was made known by the media this morning that they have made 2 arrests, a man and a woman, who are known to the Stafford family. The male has been charged with one count of first-degree murder and one count of abduction, the female has been charged with abduction and accessory after the fact to murder. It is said that the female is known to Victoria's mother (there had been rumours that she was somehow involved).
A search has been formed in a rural farm area in Guelph - with information that sweet little Victoria has passed.
This whole story just breaks my heart - I cherish my children so much. My heart goes out to her family.


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