Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday

Since it is the last day of September...and it's a Wednesday...and because it's been months since I've updated my weight loss posts...I figured I'd close out the month with a weight loss thread.

Sadly, since my last post - where I excitedly hit 20lbs - I haven't really done that well. Over the summer, I indulged a lot and didn't lose too much. I finally hit 25 pounds lost and was thrilled...but then I was up and down, up and after a slight "up" tonight, I am only at 23lbs lost.

My leader tells us that we shouldn't say "I've ONLY lost _____" It is a big accomplishment to have lost anything.I have been so angry at myself for cheating, but then still have been - not tracking, cheating and not exercising as much as I should.

A few weeks ago, I started an hour power walking class with my SIL, Cassandra. The first week kicked my ass. Oh my God, I couldn't walk for a couple days...and trying to get up and down the stairs was just ridiculous. It is a great class that incorporates power walking with strength exercises all while carrying 2 or 3lbs hand weights. Although this is more exercising than I have been doing - it's not enough....

So I am vowing to.

* move more...exercise more during the week
* track every day...every bite I take WILL be written down in my journal
* stop being so hard on myself...I have a lot of difficulty being angry at other people, but it is SO easy to be angry at myself. Any weight loss is a good thing - even if it is ONLY a few least it's something
* stop using the word ONLY...and be proud of myself for any loss.

I will try and update again every week - and hopefully, next week I will have a good loss to report.
Also - a big congrats to my WW buddy, Christine who lost 3lbs this week. WAY TO GO, GIRL!

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