Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Envy is best defined as an emotion that occurs when a person lacks another's (perceived) superior quality, achievement, or possession and either desires it or wishes that the other lacked it.

When I was pregnant with HoneyPie, DH surprised me with a Graco Quatro Travel System from Toys R Us. At the time, I LOVED it - I was so excited to bring home my baby in the cozy infant car seat and push the stroller around the neighbourhood. Even once HoneyPie was born, I "thought" it was the perfect travel system for us. And then I began to see other strollers...and developed STROLLER ENVY!
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Everyone had nicer strollers than I did - everyone pushing a baby looked better than I, I was envious. It was ridiculous though, our stroller was great for us, even Buddaroo got good use out of it. That silly envy!

But envy has moved on from PHONES!

In 2006, DH surprised me with a new phone for Christmas. Samsung A640. I was super excited about it as it was cute and the pay-as-you-go rate was perfect for me. So cheap for how little I used it. But now...with all of these exciting new phones that do just about everything...I am growing tired of my boring little flip phone. I was sitting with my neighbours on Friday night, everyone playing with their phones, so I took mine out to show them just how boring mine, was I teased! Just about everyone has one of these fun new phones.
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It's about time for me to get something fun. Something I can check e-mail on, something I can access Facebook on, something that has better texting options. I'm the green eyed monster when it comes to cell phones.

My dear sister-in-law has this quote on her facebook page:
So often we look at others, wanting what they have - not realizing that someone is wishing they had what you have.

I am pretty much guaranteeing that someone out there does not wish for my Samsung A640...but I sure as hell want your iPhone!!!!!

Cheers =D


  1. On the bright side an older iPhone will be super cheap right now since the 4G came out! My hubbs is a total tech kleptomaniac so I see all the shiny toys - I know what you mean about the strollers but I'm satisfied knowing they paid like $1000 and it still rolls as fast as mine LOL

  2. Ya, that is what I am hoping - the older version of the iPhone would be just fine by me. Tim gets all the new Apple gadgets through work - the iPad is amazing - do you guys have one yet?

    I do agree - my $250 dollar travel system was a better purchase than the $800 stroller that doesn't even come with an infant seat.

  3. i totally understand the stroller envy! most of my friends have peg's or bugaboo's and now i'm toting around a giant double graco...bulky but your works for our family (and our budget!) everytime i think "oh maybe we'll save up for a better stroller for the next one" i take a good look at the prices and there is no way i could spend that much!