Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nothing Better Than A Week By The Lake

Yesterday we got home from our yearly vacation to Shady Nook Cottages in Sundridge, Ontario. We had THE BEST week...the sun was shining, the lake was warm, the company was great, there was an abundance of smiles & laughter, my family was happy - it was a fantastic week.

We have been going to Shady Nook since 1986. My Dad's boss, Carl owned it at that time...back when Jenn and I were kids, the 6 cottages on the resort were filled with families with children. We always went the same week(s) in the summer, so we were always with the same people every year. Some of the same families are still going - it's so great that I can share this wonderful place with my children, but wish there were more kids for them to play with. But, with them being 1 year older, the kids had a great time playing together on the beach. I still had my eagle-eyes on at all times, but was actually able to sit and relax a bit this year and actually read 2 books this week. (Salem Falls by Jodie Picoult and Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin - both great books, btw)

The kids had such a great time - lots of playing on the beach and in the lake. We were so proud of HoneyPie and Buddaroo, they loved being in the lake, much more confident than last year. HoneyPie's favourite thing we did at the cottage was visiting the Craft Cabin run by the owners daughter - once a week she hosts a craft time for the kids - they both painted really cute canvas bags - they were so proud of their creations.

We can't wait til we go back next year. Now to start the unpacking and massive amount of dirty I leave you with a few pictures.

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