Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Time Lulu Shopper Is Now Addicted

Christmas 2006 - my brother-in-law, Dennis and his then girlfriend (now wife), Cassandra, gave me a gift card for Lululemon. I was always intrigued by the store as they had both made some pretty great purchases from there. So, I decided I would put the card away as I was still trying to lose the last of my HoneyPie-weight....and then I got pregnant with Buddaroo, and have been working at the weight loss since the gift card was safely tucked away..and was finally used last Thursday. I thought - enough is enough, it is silly to save it for any

I had a shopping and dinner date with some great friends and off we headed to Lululemon. I must admit, when I first walked in, I was a little overwhelmed - so much selection, so many different and vibrant colours.

I had no idea where to start. I knew I wanted to get a pair of pants - but man, there are so many choices. I tried on a whole whack of them...Astro...Still...and the ones I decided on ~ Groove. I loved the way they looked and had heard about how great Lulu pants make your bum look ;) (no complaints in that department from DH) I got them hemmed and couldn't wait to pick them 5 days later. They are so incredibly comfortable - I LOVE THEM!

Next - I looked at tank tops. Wow, did they ever have a massive selection. The colours were amazing - so many different choices. I wanted something light and airy for when I am on the treadmill. So I grabbed a Cool Racerback Tank in a beautiful green...and loved it. It was light and super comfy (and perfect for hot yoga, I tried it out on Monday and it was GREAT!)

So, I figured I was just about done - I had tried on a couple little jackets/hoodies and wasn't sold on any of them. I liked them, but didn't love them...My friend Deb, suggested I try on this Sevasna Wrap OMG! I loved it. I thought it looked so cute and trendy with a pair of jeans. I was SOLD! It's comfortable and adorable! I tried it on last night with my Groove Pants and didn't love the look as much - with jeans, I think it looks much better.

So, I walked in with a $75 gift card and walked out with $288 worth of clothes....and a new love for comfy, colourful athletic wear....and guess where I'm going again tonight? My friend and I are heading back to grab a couple more tanks...and who knows...maybe another pair of pants to please my butt-loving husband - I'm sure he won't mind ;)


  1. How much was the Sevasna Wrap? Looks very cute on you =)

  2. The wrap was $118...and thank you very much.