Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 17, 2012 - OBA's

DH was proud to be a part of coaching the U14 Burlington Panthers girls team this year. They played in a few tournaments throughout the year before heading to Ottawa for the Ontario Basketball Association championship. Friday night, the girls played amazing and won against the Upper Canada Ice. A second game on Saturday showed the girls were in it to win it...destroying their competitors, the Orillia Lakers.
The girls were pumped and ready to play on Sunday - and they sure played their hardest...Their first game was at 10:30 and they won that one, too. They were heading to the championship at 3:30 and we couldn't have been prouder. The energy and spirit while we had lunch before the last game was amazing. They were so proud of themselves and ready to play for GOLD.

The final game was against the Orillia Lakers, who they had beat on Saturday, as well as in previous tournaments. They had a decent lead at half time and played their hearts out in the 3rd and 4th quarters....and as the buzzer sounded - the parents and spectators roared with excitement. Our girls had won GOLD!!!!!

Way to go, girls! It was a pleasure to watch you throughout the season - working so hard to improve each week. Your hard work and dedication has certainly paid off! CONGRATULATIONS, PANTHERS!

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