Saturday, April 7, 2012

April 7, 2012 - Ladies Night Out

Yesterday, I headed to Niagara Falls with some friends to celebrate our dear friend, Amanda's, upcoming wedding. We started off the event by some drinks at the hotel before we headed to
The Keg for dinner. We were sat at a table right against the window with a beautiful view of the Falls...and an amazing rainbow! Dinner was great - I absolutely love The Keg - but the prices in the Falls versus the prices here are incredible. I can't believe how much they jack up the price.

Once done dinner, we headed back on the shuttle to the hotel...where we had some more drinks (WHAT? It's a bachelorette party!), some snacks, and a fun game of "Kiss the Peen" ha! (a racy take of pin the tail on the donkey). We all got done up and headed over to Dragonfly Nightclub. I had never been there before - but I would love to go there again. It has an amazing feel to it - the atmosphere/decor is great and was a fantastic <
place to dance.

It had been a while since I've been out dancing so I was so excited to get out with my "bitches" and dance the night away - I barely sat...until my feet started aching terribly. I am happy to say I danced for 3+ hours in heels. That is a record for me - I am NO GOOD in heels! We had a blast.
In the pic to the right, the bride, Amanda, is the one in the navy dress to the left =D

We went to the casino for a tiny bit - some of us went in to play - I was too tired and rested by the fountain with some of the girls. Back at the hotel room - 2:30am - we ordered some pizza and chit chatted until bedtime around 3:15.

It was a fantastic night - can't wait to party on the 21st when Amanda gets hitched!

Mary-Beth, Shannon, Tracee, Aimee and I - taken by the Dragonfly photographer (missing Amanda, Jenn and Angela)

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