Thursday, April 5, 2012

April 5, 2012 - 5 THINGS


1) Scary Movies

Horror flicks terrify me...that doesn't mean that I don't subject myself to the terror. For example, DH and I went to see Paranormal Activity on Hallowe'en Day 2009 - and why the heck did we choose to go see it on HALLOWE'EN???? This one was SCAAAARY! But, #2 was way worse....I rarely see a horror movie IN a theatre. I'd rather sit on the comfort of my own couch where I can wrap my face in a blanket...and cuddle up with my honey. And I'm so glad we chose not to see Paranormal Activity 2 in the theatre...DH and I are perfect horror movie dates....we are scared/startled easily - and enjoy cuddling and hiding from the movie together.

2) Driving in snowy & icy conditions

I am a very nervous driver in snowy and icy conditions. I feel that now that I have children, my fear of winter driving has increased. I need to keep my children safe - and its not that I don't trust my own driving, it's that of the jerk offs who don't drive accordingly to the weather. Many years ago, DH and I spun out on the highway while coming home from Niagara Falls. We hit a patch of black ice, and spun 4-5 times and landed up on the median. Thank heavens there was no traffic. The car was fine - the tow truck driver was able to push us back down and we were able to drive back home. I also did a 180 when I hit a patch of ice heading to work...I ended up facing a car behind me - the lady was so nice and mouthed "ARE YOU OK?" and backed up to let me turn around - it terrified me. So now, I drive very carefully and keep my children's safety in mind at all times.

3) Ferris Wheels

Oh gosh, I will never go on a large ferris wheel!!! I don't know what it is about them that terrifies me. It may be the height, it may be the fact that they don't look all that safe to me...I hate the look of them. I will go on the pumpkin ferris wheel at Canada's Wonderland with the kids - it is quite small and looks very sturdy ;) AND, because HoneyPie really wanted to go on it. I can't put my fears onto her, so I put my brave face on and rode the ferris wheel with her =S We had a great time...but man, I don't know what I will say when she asks me to go on a large ferris wheel...ugh, I'm cringing just at the thought.

4) Noises in the Night

It never fails, the nights that DH is away and I am alone with the kids, I am kept awake all night by strange noises - - Creaks, thumps, bangs. One night DH was away and all of a sudden his iTunes came on blaring Adele - no idea why, but it scared the hell out of me. I always keep the phone handy in case I need to call 911 LOL Just a big scaredy cat, I guess.

5) Public Speaking

I have a mild case of "glossophohbia" - a fear of public speaking. While speaking in front of others doesn't leave me in a state of physical distress or panic, it does leave me anxious and very nervous. I hated doing presentations in school - the feeling of everyone staring at me would make me nervous for days before a big presentation. Once, in OAC English, I had to do a 30minute presentation on Canada's most influential women...I was terrified. So I set up my video camera in my room, taped my presentation, sent it in with my boyfriend (DH) along with a note saying I was getting my wisdom teeth out (they had already been out for a year LOL) and I stayed home. It was so terrible of me but I had worked myself up so much that I was dreading going to school for that presentation. Needless to say, I got half the mark that I should've because I wasn't actually presenting and able to answer questions, etc. Oh well ;) I was also so nervous about public speaking that I didn't even speak at our wedding (which I really regret). I did speak at my brother in law's wedding and felt good about it - so I think as I am getting older my fear is subsiding a little. But I still have a LONG way to go.

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