Friday, March 6, 2009

A New Start

Well, here it first post. I am, sort of a newbie, to blogging. I did create blogs for both of my pregnancies so that friends and family could keep track of what was going on with me during those special times. is my first attempt at a more general blog.

Mainly this is a place for me to keep track of thoughts and ideas, and if I happen to intrigue some readers, then that is great! Some things I may talk about:
* Children, parenting - - I am the mother of 2 wonderful children. HoneyPie is a beautiful 3.5 year old girl who is so full of life and laughter and Budderoo, a one year old Mama's Boy...he is super fun and adorable. My children are my life and I can talk about them for hours, so I'm sure many of my posts will have to do with them in some sense.

* Scrapbooking - - I LOVE to scrapbook...when I can find the time. I also love creating cards for my friends and family...I will share some ideas and tips for those who love to scrap

* Daycare, Centre Based and In-Home - - I am an Early Childhood Educator who left her role as a daycare teacher to stay home with my, now, 3.5 year old daughter. After my maternity leave with HoneyPie, I decided to open my home to provide daycare to families in my neighbourhood. I have been doing this since 2006 as a way to stay home with my children, to provide income to my family and to still be able to do what I love, working with children.

* Love & Life - - I have been married to my highschool sweetheart for nearly 7 years. We have a wonderful relationship with the typical ups and downs of any marriage. I have an amazing family who I am extremely close to...perhaps DH and my family will spark some blog posting ideas.

* Weight Loss - - I am one of those gals who gain a lot with her pregnancies. It sucks...but this time around, I have been working hard to shed these extra pounds. I have joined weight watchers to help and am glad to say that I have lost the 55lbs that I gained with Budderoo....but am still trying to lose about 25more to get me to a healthy BMI. I will be sharing my journey and hope to add some tips, recipes, and motivation.

So, on that note...I think I'll be heading to bed soon.
Budderoo has been sick this past week and has been sleeping terribly - I know that I'll be up a few times tonight to soothe him back to sleep. I hope he is feeling better tomorrow. Saturday is his first birthday and we are having a rather large party for him, I would hate for him to be cranky. "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!" Hee Hee


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  1. welcome to the world of blogging. I don't do much blogging, but love to read friend's whenever I have time. Your blog is now on my favorite folder. Have fun blogging and I hope Budderoo feels better soon.