Sunday, June 14, 2009

Could I be any more proud?

Yesterday was HoneyPie's very first dance recital. She did a wonderful job and DH and I were so very proud of her.

The day started off with a dress rehearsal at 11. HoneyPie was so excited to get her hair and makeup done and get to the theater. All the kids did great - just seeing her up there made me teary and so proud. Once she was done, we watched a few of the other numbers and then headed for a Mother/Daughter lunch at East Side Marios's. It was so nice to share a day with just HoneyPie. Once home, it was a definite nap day. The show wasn't until 7, so I had visions of her up there sucking her thumb 'cause she was too tired.

It's Showtime! We headed back to the theatre for 630 where we got back in her costume and waited for her big performance. You never know if the beginner dancers will actually perform but after a long day of travelling to and from the dress rehearsal then back to the theatre for the big show...HoneyPie and her dance class did an amazing performance. They danced to Lollipop - the costumes were adorable and the whole thing brought DH and I to tears. I couldn't have been more proud of her. It was such a great day!

Here are some pics from the day:

And a video - she is at the right end of the front row:

She is already looking forward to next year...and so are we =)

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