Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Son is a Klepto....

...but at least he leaves a calling card.

This whole mystery started off early Sunday morning when I was getting ready to go to a bridal shower and was switching my stuff to a different purse. I should've taken the extra time to put all of my stuff into the matching wallet, but instead left things loosely in the purse. On my way home, I had to stop and get gas - so when I returned to the car, instead of putting my bank card back in my card holder - I left it sitting in the little pocket with my cell phone.

Fast forward to 7pm last night when I realized I didn't have my bank card as I tried to pay for my purchases at Costco. Good thing DH was with me. I knew where the card was - in the little pocket with my cell phone. So, we got home - I go to look for it and it's gone! I was freaking out. I knew I'd put it in there and was so confused why it wasn't still there. I'd seen it there last night when I took my phone out. So, I tore apart my house looking for it.

Half an hour later, I decided to look in the purse again - perhaps I was missing something. And this is what I found:


A chewed up green crayon. BUDDEROO! I remembered him sitting near my purse earlier that day - he must've taken the bank card out - so I moved my couches (with the help of my super strong hubby) and checked under carpets, etc. No where to be found.. And then I had an idea! No, it couldn't be!

I went back into the kitchen, opened my pantry door where we keep some of HoneyPie's crafty things (crayons!)...and what did I find?


I couldn't believe it - what a little stinker. I laughed and told DH that I'd finally found it. We had a good giggle about it...DH said "at least he leaves a calling card"...ya, in the form of a chewed up green crayon.
What a guy, that little Budderoo!

Have a great day, everyone!
~ Hollie


  1. That's hillarious Hollie! My guess is that he's not a klepto he's just pulling a prank on you guys! Laughing the whole time!


    Love, D

  2. This has got me giggling! So funny! Love that you got photos as evidence.
    This will be a good story to share with him when he's older.
    Love SIL