Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday #9

I just remembered that I hadn't posted a weight loss thread in a few weeks. The last couple weeks I was kind of in a slump - up a couple ounces, stayed the same....was getting a little discouraging as I was tracking pretty well. So I decided to track even better - for the WHOLE week (I'm bad at tracking breakfasts and lunches and then forgetting dinner and snacks) and I stepped up my exercise.

I did 4 days on the Wii Fit with times ranging 37mins - 1hr10mins including aerobic exercises, balance games and some strength training and yoga poses. I LOVED it - DH was so impressed as I was foregoing TV time with him to go and exercise...sometimes it would've been my 2nd time that day.

Well, my hard work paid off and I am down 23.4lbs. I hope I can do well this week - I've been eating well but haven't had a lot of time to exercise...has been a super busy few days. Am going to get my butt back in gear...starting tomorrow =)

Have a great day, everyone!
~ Hollie

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