Monday, September 28, 2009


With HoneyPie starting JK this past week, I have been anxious about how she is doing. I drop her off in the morning and she is so excited to get there I have to call her back for a hug and a kiss, and when I got and pick her up, she is happy and excited to see Budderoo and I. But I wonder, what is she like during the day...I would love to be a fly on the wall to watch her in action.

I spoke to her teacher this afternoon just to see how she is doing. The teacher said that "she is doing amazing", "she is a very bright girl, you have taught her well", "the only thing is, she doesn't like to sit on her bum at carpet time, she sits on her knees making it hard for the kids behind her to see". Ahhh! If that is the only thing, I am thrilled. I was so happy to hear that she is doing well...we walked home hand in hand and I told her the wonderful things her teacher said about her.
We were both so proud of HER!

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