Wednesday, January 27, 2010


That is our new 2010 WW slogan. "2010 is the year for me!" This is the year that we will get healthy, this is the year that we will get to goal. And I am going to do it! It's been a long time since I've written about my weight loss. And to be honest, the last few months, I have been stuck at a plateau. I had lost that 25 in September or so, and since then have been up and down - and then with Christmas in there, too - there were definitely a couple PLUS weeks.
At the beginning of January, one of the other members had said "this coming year, I'm going to treat it like I'm a new member - start fresh, follow the program like I should" and I thought, "Me, too!"

So this year, I have been tracking everything - choosing healthier meals - still haven't gotten my exercising back on track, but its a start. I definitely think my extra-curricular activities have been helping. Bowling every other Monday, Intermediate volleyball every Tuesday. At least it's something!

And...3 weeks in a row, I have lost 1.4 pounds - putting me at 25.6lbs lost. I was so happy. I've lost more this past 3 weeks (4.2lbs), than I have in 3 months. I am determined to get to goal this time - to stop paying every week would be great, but to finally, after 3 tries to become a "lifetime member" would be amazing!!!!

I spoke to one of the leaders there and she said "you're doing great, you'll be at goal in no time" I really wasn't sure what I wanted my goal to be - they have my goal weight as per my height anywhere between 111 - 146lbs. So, she said shoot for the 146lbs - follow the 6wk maintenance program and become lifetime...and then if you decide you want to lose more, no problem. So, that means I only have 14.2lbs to go until my first goal! I'm so excited...and now extra motivated.

Of course, to be healthy is my main priority - but to feel comfortable in a bathing suit and to be able to rock a pair of shorts this summer would be awesome, too.
So, as I said before - 2010 is the year for me! And I promise I'll keep my weight loss posts more up to date.

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