Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Look Out PWBA!!!!

I joined a fun bowling league in September of 2008 with DH, our parents joined too after hearing how much fun DH had the year before (I didn't join prior as I was pregnant with Buddaroo). It's so much fun. We bowl with a friend we went to middle/high school with and his wife...and there are a few other people we know from school, softball, etc. We have an absolute blast.

I am in no way a great bowler. The first year we bought our own shoes, this year we bought our own balls - and boy, have they made a difference for me. My average has only gone from 104 to 117 but sometimes I unexpectedly score in the 130s, or 140s.

This past Monday, my scores were 109, 139...and then in the 9th frame of the 3rd game I got a strike....and then in the 10th frame, I got another strike...and then with my 2nd ball...I got another STRIKE! OH MY GOD!!! I screamed so loudly - I think the entire building heard my accomplishment. My very first turkey! I was so excited. My 3rd ball was a 8 or 9, I think. I ended up with 170. WOW!

Was a great night of bowling =D


  1. Way to go Hollie!!
    It's such a great feeling to see that turkey on the screen. I actually miss bowling. Where do you goes go?

  2. We are in a league at Primetime Bowling just off of Harvester, near Guelph Line. It's a really nice alley. It's lots of fun.