Friday, January 22, 2010

Here Comes the Heater!

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I have the BEST neighbours. The "new-girl" =D , had been nominated to organize a few fun events over these icky winter months to keep us motivated until our spring/summer/fall festivities begin. She stepped up to the plate and organized a team to enter into a local volleyball league. We are the Court Jesters (special thanks to Brad, for coming up with an awesome team name), intermediate volleyball team. EEEK! Intermediate? What was I in for?

The first game was this past Tuesday night. Our team arrived early to get some practice time in...and to scope out the competition. And boy - were they fierce. Our game was at 7:45 against "Da Ballz" This team was hardcore - a little intimidating.

The first thing they said to us "We're going to be running Libero, hope that's OK?" Libero? What the flip is libero? Alright, I was officially scared LOL (for those who don't know - a libero is the backrow defense specialist, they are allowed to sub for any backrow player when the ball isn't in play without previous permission from the refs. they wear a different color jersey). Well those Libero-running-jerks kicked our butts 4 games in a row. We all agreed that they were a little too hard core - more on a competitive level. They were beating us huge, yet still spiked the crap out of us - with one of our team mates taking one HARD off the shoulder. We weren't too impressed.

But nonetheless, we had a great time - with some drinks after...having fun was most important! And we sure did! But, we're still hoping we don't get our asses handed to us so brutally next week. =D It was so much fun - I'm glad I changed my mind and joined.

And you know what the best part of playing was:
When DH said to me the next morning, knowing how nervous I was about playing - "I'm so proud of you for playing, you did great!" He really is my biggest fan - supportive and encouraging even when I suck =D