Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday #3

Another week spent tracking...and I am happy to be down 0.8lbs. I always think that anything "0 point something" is really nothing...but really it's almost a pound so I am down now 18.6lbs....putting me over my 10% goal.

Tomorrow, we are heading to Montreal for the weekend. DH is going to the UFC fight on Saturday night with some friends, so the wives/kids are tagging along. I am worried about having to eat out all weekend - even choosing salads sometime isn't the best choice...for example - Last Friday, we went to Kelsey's for lunch. I thought I was choosing something healthy and ordered the Chicken Sonoma Valley was really good. When I got home I looked up the nutritional info online...Calories: 740 Grams of Fat: 44g Fibre 6. 44 GRAMS OF FAT????? IN A SALAD???? I couldn't believe it. The salad total was 17points. I only get 24 for the day...insane. So, hopefully I can find some healthy options while we are away.

Will be back Sunday.
~ Hollie

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  1. It's the dressing! and the Chicken most likely... ask for wedges of lemon instead!