Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday #4

Well after a weekend in Montreal, and a little bit of indulging, I was happy with my results tonight. I only lost 0.2, but at least I wasn't up. I wasn't able to stay at the meeting last week, so I did my celebrating and received my 10%keychain.

My leader asked me how losing 10% has changed me. What the difference is between now and when I walked through the door at the end of August. I have more energy to play with the kids, I am starting to feel better about myself physically - I am quite pleased with losing 18.8 lbs.

It's been hard for me the last little while - I think because when I first started it was with 3 of my friends. Since then, they have quit the program, and I am now attending on my own. Keeping on track is always a challenge - I like to snack LOL but it is hard going to the meetings alone. I switched to a location closer to my house once my last friend quit. This location is a lot busier making me nervous to talk in front of them...but today I finally had to celebrate. I am proud of myself for sticking with it, getting to the meetings. I am hoping next week to get my 20lb ribbon....then on to goal.

I am not big on exercising...but have vowed to incorporate it into my daily routine. We have a treadmill that sits unused far too often. But DH and I have agreed to do 1/2hr every night once the kids go to bed. We will watch a show and take turns doing our 30mins. Tonight I made it to 27 before Budderoo woke up screaming (not sure what's going on tonight, he's been up a few times already)...but I kept at a decent pace (2.5/3) with about 5-6mins of running (at 4) here and there - I am SO NOT a runner...and was disappointed that the first set of running I couldn't even do 2 mins...but the next time I got to, who knows, maybe someday I will be a runner. hee hee (doubt it, but I can dream, can't I?)
Would love to look like someone who runs =)

You've got to say, I think that if I keep working at this and want it badly enough I can have it. It's called perseverance.


  1. Hollie, you should soooo do a running clinic at the Running Room! Seriously! The Learn to Run clinic is awesome, and the Running Room is your town is great. There's usually a Learn to Run sometime during the week and a "For Women Only" learn to run on Saturday mornings. I just checked and the next clinics don't start until the end of May, so it gives you a bit of time to do some regular walking to get ready. But really, the first time I did a clinic I was in terrible shape. And there was an older, quite overweight woman who was in really really bad shape. And we all ran a 5K race at the end! Slowwwwwly, but we did it! They start off really slow (usually walk 2 minutes, run 1, for 20 min), and everyone "runs" at their own pace - one at which you can pass the "talk test" (where you can still carry on a conversation while your run with a bit of heavy breathing but not gasping). But it really is awesome to be working towards a goal like that with a group and see yourself progressing so quickly. It would totally help with your slump/haze and could be that new hobbie/activity you've been looking for!! I wish I still lived up there, I'd totally do it with you. (Actually, I said to Big Man the other day that I wished we still lived there so we could send Little Man to you for daycare lol).

  2. I agree with canuck_grad. Everyone I know who does the running clinic is able to achieve results they never thought they could. Also, they help you deal with issues as they arise i.e. if you start to hurt yourself.

    Go for it!