Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Wow...I have really neglected my blog...So sorry to any of my readers.

I just haven't had a heck of a lot to blog about. I seem to think of an idea and then sit here for a while and not have much to type about.

The kids are doing great - keeping us busier than ever. They love to be outside in the sunshine...if only this silly weather would cooperate. C'mon, It's June 14th today and it was 10C this morning...geez.

Just finished up HoneyPie's 3rd year of dance. We had her dance recital on Saturday nightl...and boy did she do amazing! This year she took Primary Jazz and Primary Tap. She really has improved a great deal. It was such an absolute joy to watch her up on the big stage. She has informed us, though, that she doesn't want to take dance anymore. (my heart is breaking) She says she would only like to dance at home and that dance class isn't fun anymore (because they don't play freeze tag like they did in Baby ballet/jazz) I would love her to continue, but if her heart isn't in it anymore - then we can find something else that she may enjoy better.

Buddaroo is starting preschool in September and we both couldn't be more excited. I really think he will benefit from being in a preschool setting before he starts JK in 2012. It is a cooperative preschool which means I will have to do parent duty a couple times a month.

I am so excited to get back into a classroom, even if it as a parent volunteer. I really miss working with children in a classroom environment. Have to start thinking about employment options for when I return to work in a couple years.

With the Ontario schools becoming full day kindergarten by 2015, the chance of gaining employment as an educational assistant may be increased...or there is the option of working in the kindergarten classroom as an ECE. Either way, my ideal job is to work with the school board - to have the same holidays and breaks as the kids would be super.

Anyway - I will try to update my blog more often - the coming days...I hope to blog daily about a cleanse DH and I are going to start.
Hope everyone out there is well =D

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