Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wild Rose Herbal Detox - Day Two

((Last night DH and I both had a pretty bad head ache. I had to take some advil, and went to bed early.))
I was really happy with my weight this morning. I was 160.8lbs (0.9 down from yesterday) - I haven't been below 161 since December. I've really been struggling with these pounds I've gained. I'm hoping this will give me the kick start I need to get back on track and get my butt to goal...and then to lifetime at WW. Sick of paying...especially 'cause I haven't really been following the program for a while. Time to get serious!

Just finished my daily breakfast of stinky herbal pills and extract as well as:

1/2 c oatmeal
1/2 a peach
a few strawberries
I am finding it way harder to take the pills, etc in the morning. Having to take that first thing in the morning is even worse than the drink you have to take for your glucose test while you're pregnant. At least that tasted like orange pop...these pills/extract are ick! My head is still a bit achey, but not nearly as bad as last night. No issues with the laxatives, yet, for either DH and I.

My morning has been pretty good other than a sore stomach around 10-ish. My head ache is still lingering but feels better now that I've eaten Lunch,

Which consisted of:
Vegetable Fried Rice (Recipe taken from the detox cookbook)

The recipe for the vegetable fried rice is really easy and boy, is it delish. I made a huge pot of it yesterday - hopefully it'll last longer than the pot I made on Tuesday morning. DH really enjoyed it, so that's a plus =D

The rest of today has been a bit rough. I am visiting the bathroom way more often that I would like. TMI, sorry!
Dinner at 5:40pm
Very yummy tilapia with drizzled butter and lemon
Baked potato
grilled peppers
Was a super dinner...we really enjoyed the tilapia - I hadn't made it before but will definitely be making it more often.

I'm so glad that DH and I are doing this together. I definitely wouldn't be able to do this alone. His support, and the support I'm getting from people online and from those I've told about the cleanse has been amazing and really helpful.
So...for now...I'm signing off for today...
2 days down....10 to go.

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