Monday, June 20, 2011

Wild Rose Herbal Detox - Day Six

Well - 6 days done...and feeling OK. I've read online that around day 5-6 you get a burst of energy...I am definitely not feeling this. But, man, how great would that be? I don't think I've had energy in 6 years! LOL

For breakfast this morning, I had blueberries and some delicious strawberries (my daycare children had gone strawberry picking yesterday with their mom and they brought a big bag of them...YUM! THANK YOU AGAIN!) Surprisingly enough, this bowl of berries satisfied me for most of the morning - I was shocked that I wasn't starving by 10am.

Lunch, I had an egg white omelet with peppers and some sliced up tomato. So delish.

The day was pretty uneventful, so nothing really to report. I have been noticing a dull ache in my upper back off and on throughout the day; online it says that some people feel flu-like symptoms (i.e. achey). Maybe this is related to the cleanse?

Wasn't sure what I was going to make for dinner - wanted something quick and easy as HoneyPie had soccer tonight and I didn't want to spend a ton of time in the kitchen. I remembered we had some left over kebabs from yesterday, so I cut the pieces of chicken, beef, peppers and onions up and mixed it with some brown rice...added a bit of red pepper and garlic was AMAZING. DH LOVED it! I was worried it would be a lot like the vegetable fried rice, but with the spices I added - it added so much more flavour...just awesome.

Soccer tonight - I was sooo worried that my stomach would start acting up there - when there is no washroom available at the fields...the closest would be a drugstore across the street. I was so glad "I" didn't have to run over there. That is my biggest problem with this cleanse.

The food has been great - it has really shown DH and I where we were struggling with maybe some unhealthy choices - too many processed meals, etc. But the laxatives for me, just aren't ideal. I worry constantly about not being somewhere where I can get to a bathroom quickly - i.e. on the way to or from / at the school waiting for the kids, at a soccer game like tonight. It's just a real issue for me. Thankfully, I haven't had any real crazy problems...yet (touch wood, that I don't have any in the next 6 days)

We're halfway done...6 more days to go. DH is feeling good and is really happy with his progress on the scale. He was down 4.8lbs since Wednesday morning...I am down 2.6, I'll weigh in at WW on Wednesday night - I will definitely be happy with another loss this week =D

On to day 7...

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