Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wild Rose Herbal Detox - Day Eight

So, this morning, while I was eating breakfast, I googled "Wild Rose Herbal Detox" just to read some more info on it -and what pops up...MY BLOG! Wow...#6 on the list. Cool =D

For breakfast this morning I had strawberries, blueberries and raspberries - and my mixture of pills and drops, of course. I sure am surprised how satisfying this breakfast is. Usually I would have a WW english muffin with margarine and a yogurt or some Quaker instant oatmeal with a yogurt. I am missing my english muffin...but the berries are a great substitute for breakfast. DH has been having an apple and a pear and he seems to be doing well with that, too.

My morning was OK - nothing interesting to report. For lunch, I made the usual lately LOL An egg white omelet with peppers, tomato slices and pear. It's so yummy. I wondered if I would get bored of it, but so far not yet. And I'm not missing dipping it in ketchup at all. Putting some extra veggies in it, I think helps. I wish I could put some mushrooms in there, though ;)
I still haven't felt the burst of energy they are claiming comes by this time...although I've been a bit more motivated to get things done around the house - definitely not as tired as the beginning of the cleanse.

Went to WW tonight - haven't stayed for a meeting in about a month, I think. I lost 1.7lbs last night - not as much as I'd hoped, but still good. I weighed in at 159.5 - I haven't been 159 since November so it felt really good to see the 150s on the scale again.
Came home and had dinner - As per DH's request, I made the chicken, rice and vegetables with the garlic and red pepper spices. It really is delicious. DH and I were talking about how we are really going to try and incorporate these healthy eating habits into our lives once the cleanse is over and how much we are enjoying the options that we have been eating. "Who are we right now?" is what I said to DH.

So - 8 days have passed and DH and I so proud of ourselves...both of us have not cheated at all on the cleanse and are excited by our progress. 4 more days.....

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