Friday, June 24, 2011

Wild Rose Herbal Detox - Day Ten

This morning, I woke up to DH's excitement. He has officially lost 8.2lbs in 9 days. Unbelievable. He really is doing great and looks great, too. I was so extremely happy for him and then I stepped on the scale. I am up 0.6 from yesterday. I don't understand. We are following the same plan. UGH! And "NO, I'm not cheating!!!!" I was really hoping I'd lose 5lbs on this cleanse, but it's not looking like it...I'm just in a bad mood now about this - but am going to stick out the next 3 days and see what happens.

Breakfast: strawberries, blueberries and peaches
Felt a bit more energetic this morning and did a good clean/tidy of HoneyPie's room and a little bit in Buddaroo's. Also feeling a bit emotional today. DH is away for the weekend at his boss' cottage...and is away next weekend on a golf trip...just feeling down that he is away 2 weekends in a row, I guess. Don't like it much when he is away.

Lunch: egg white omelet with peppers, tomato and pear. Are you getting sick of reading the same meals every day? I just don't know what to make for lunches. It's the easiest option, I think.

I think I will lay down today while the kids are napping - feeling pretty tired this morning. Just drained - physically and emotionally. I am looking forward to a fun night with the kids. So I want to be well rested and try and improve this sour/sad mood a little bit.

Dinner: Leftover rice, cucumbers and 1/2 an apple

The kids and I are going to watch the last half of Karate Kid (2010), have some popcorn and then have a sleepover in Mommy's bed. I'm thinking of taking them to the zoo tomorrow...we'll all be getting to bed early tonight to prepare for such a large adventure.

Goodbye Day 10...2 more days to go...and if I'm not down tomorrow...I'M GOING TO SCREAM! LOL

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